Voicechat as a girl -_-


I stopped using voice chat because I’m a gay effeminate guy with a voice that I very commonly am mistaken to be a woman for, so sometimes I may or may not receive harassment based on this or friend requests every other match.

On a few occasions, however, I get called a ‘weird trans’ or ‘retard tr*nny’ etc. It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon either, and it’s mostly because I’ve been suffering from really bad chest congestion that has left me with a raspy-ish voice and me clearing my throat constantly (acid reflux over a few years has caused some damage to my esophagus).

It’s really awful how people can behave, especially online where they know they can get away with personal attacks. It’s destroyed my self-esteem and after a while, I just refuse to use voice comms now which sucks as someone who solely plays competitive. I’ll get on half the time, but I wont speak, and as a healer main that’s pretty crucial when you need help.

But the people on Overwatch can just be so nasty and evil and I don’t see my reports giving me the popup feedback that lets me know punishment was given and it just makes me feel even worse because it’s hard to punish players over what they said on voice comm.

People suck, and I’m sorry we have to go through this. I know how it can feel to be a girl player, and it sucks to be a gay player too, and I get attacked from both ends. :\


You heard it first here people. Harassment is a “non-issue” on the Internet and the only reason we care about harassment “in real life” is because it may “escalate to violence”.

But I like how you made a distinction between “Internet and gaming” despite the fact that we’re on a gaming forum talking about in-game interactions so your disclaimer renders your little rant here completely irrelevant according to…
You. :thinking:

“Privacy laws” has nothing to do with harassment but nice try.

That’s your best excuse? Harassment should okay because “Shrug, anonymity, what can you do?” What a rotten attitude to have.


It’s unfortunate, but over time, you get used to it.

I’ve been playing online games since 12. Many nasty words were sent my way, both gender-related and not.


You lack the ability to see past what’s directly in front of you. History is full of people like that. They always say the same thing: “There’s nothing you can do, it’s pointless to try. Just accept the way things are.”

The people who actually get something done are the ones that don’t listen to people like you. Naysayers accomplish nothing. You are accomplishing nothing.

You might be satisfied with doing nothing, and letting problems exist without finding solutions to them, but some of us aren’t. Deal with it.


You suggest trying to fix people, and people smarter, than you or me, spent long years trying to figure out, why some people are acting bad.


Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do suggest that.

Don’t want to help? Fine. Just stay out of the way.


And how do you think to do that? Sent people in jail for acting nasty online? Or lecture them, that it’s not right way to behave?

Really curious, of your means to achieve results. Maybe Blizzard will implement it, if it’s possible.


Why do people still find it weird that girls play games?

Like Seriously, what in the world😂

I was on a team that was only girls, Just jelly and some girls.

One of the best rounds ever😄

Stay cool out there people


Just mute the toxic teammates.

Refusing to join altogether will just result in lower chances of winning competitive games, since you’d be ignoring valuable information from your other teammates along with insults from the toxic ones.


Overwatch is the first game where I use voice comms, so it’s pretty demoralizing. ;x My voice has always made me self-conscious though, so it just stings more when I get attacked over it online. x_x

If only people could be more considerate and respectful to each other, especially over a video game. :c


No, those are dumb ideas. I don’t support dumb solutions. Why would I do something we both know doesn’t work?

I already offered a solution earlier. A practical one that doesn’t involve lecturing people.

You could apply this system to any website. A few already do something like this. It’s easy to implement, and creates lasting consequences for people’s actions.

See, sometimes other people have ideas and thoughts too. You are not the only human being on this planet with an imagination.


It’s kind of rule: internet is place, where people can be monsters they truly are.

There is one problem with that: there are many countries, so Bnet will have to be able to use all kinds of ID from all countries in the world.


There are systems and services already in place that could facilitate this.

They could start with the U.S. first and phase in support for other countries over time. They already require ID to make an account in South Korea anyway, so this isn’t exactly something they’ve never tried before.

Anything else?


No, but it by itself is very hard task. Especially when it comes to keeping all that personal data somewhere, and protecting it from hackers.


There’s literally an opt-in dual factor authentication. Make it mandatory, job done. Smurfs, toxicity, all manner of badness, significantly reduced over night.


They already keep our payment information on their servers, protected by layers of encryption and security features. If you’re willing to give them your credit card number, why would you be afraid of giving them your ID?


Same reasons why I won’t either. Because guess who gets reported? Spoiler: NOT the girl verbally berating the wrongfully egotistical and/or privileged manchildren who hate women because their entitlement and need to compensate for their own shortcomings gets in the way of rational thought and reason.


Let’s try to be fair, now. We’ve all dealt with insecure, spoiled manchildren. They’re everyone’s enemy. :handshake:


While that might work I don’t like the idea of giving my drivers license to Blizzard because I see it as a violation of my privacy.


You gave them your name, e-mail, and billing address when you paid for Overwatch.

There’s literally nothing on your license they couldn’t find just by using what you’ve already given them.

So you wouldn’t be doing anything you haven’t already done before.