Voicechat as a girl -_-


Its more like, they dont care who or what you are, they just play to win no matter the cost. That dont say they are more mature tho…


I don’t know what you’re talking about, the forum’s quote system is pretty great.


Aye, it is truly a great system. I don’t know why I ever thought otherwise.


Never joined voice chat in the first place. Never regretted.
Quick typing helps too.


Personally, I never expierienced a girl getting harassed in VC.
But when it happens, you should do what most people suggest:
Block, mute, report. In higher ELO: avoid as mate. Play on.
And I say: stay in VC.

It doesn’t make it any better.
But think of it that way: If you don’t talk in VC when you actually want to, because stuff like that happens,
then you are allowing some immature random dude to force something onto you and to take away from your game expierience.
Who would ever want that?
So mute them and stay active in VC to contribute to your team coordination.
The other 4 sane guys + me will love you for it.


Think that’s a pewdiepie reference.


personally i never use voice chat, and i rarely see anyone else using it.


Harassment is a non-issue on the Internet though (notice how I said internet and not gaming). In real life Harassment is a serious issue because unless a higher power ( like a government or private company) intervenes it won’t stop and may escalate to violence.
On the Internet though, you can just mute/block and now that person is gone and you’ll likely never see them again. If punishment is what you want we already have a system that punishes these people, so what more do you want? Instant deletion from reality if they hurt your feelings? Do you want it to be illegal to say mean things on the Internet?

Regardless of what new ridiculously strict rules you can come up with there will always be harassment on the Internet and there’s nothing anyone can do about it without breaching privacy laws. Someone can always make another account if theirs gets banned, someone can always make a throwaway account if they want, and if we do completely get rid of them they’ll just go be big meanies somewhere else.
There’s nothing that can be done about the anonymity on the Internet so there’s no point in worrying about mean words from people you’ll never meet.


Pff, I wander ppl who say “Oh, girl here !” had never seen girls?

Mute and use avoid feature for these morons.


Because this is a forum and it’s supposed for mind expression.


Seems like you solved your own problem. What’s the point of this thread?


I don’t blame you for not wanting to join voice chat when there are nasty people on it, but one thing I don’t agree with (and see often on here) is that girl’s get the brunt of negativity in the game. I’m have at least 400+ hours in the game right now and between using voice in quick match and ranked, it seems like its about a 50/50 if people are going to pick on somebody thats male or female. I’ve played with plenty of women that never get made fun of. So I’m not sure where this is coming from in the community, or I’m just not seeing it in my games, even though I’ve played quite a bit.


I looked and your big problem, you play on a pc.
I play with girls on ps4 and it never really happens. I know it might but the tons of games i have played i never really have heard abuse against girls. Thete is abuse though.
Most toxicity comes from pc and for some reason it seems like the mentality on pc never diminishes.
Guess the master race of pc gaming also still holds most of the douches.


Just mute those people and communicate with the (many) of us that don’t treat women that way


Exactly the fact that you would prefer “kill yourself” to sexism is exactly why they do it.

If somebody is a mean spirited troll they’re going to target what gets the best reaction. It’s usually something about you being a girl. If you sound different at all it becomes an easy target.

Generally people target the most obvious thing, and in these games that’s your voice. IRL it’s usually appearance because seeing usually happens before hearing.

You’re not being harassed because you’re female, you’re being harassed, and they’re using you being female as ammo.


100,000% correct. Well said.

By making these threads, you’re giving the toxic people exactly what they want. Stop it.


These type of threads come up everyday, we understand you witness sexism and toxicity, but that doesnt mean your the only one it happens to. Your best bet is to mute, report and go on to the next game like everyone else.


For the most part when I get comments its always about my hero pick.
If I play any support, Dva, or Zarya I get “why do girls always play support or Dva/Zarya”

If I play Reaper, or any dps, I get “wow, I rarely see girls not play support. Thats cool you play Reaper”

I’m not saying these are meant to be mean comments, I totally understand they’re just trying to be understanding, but it’s so annoying to have people comment no matter what character I choose.


What they say:

What I hear:


Well you don’t hear what is being said then