Voicechat as a girl -_-


This game has the cheapest players in it, really. All people do in this game is trash talk,throw, troll, and NOTHING more. At this point i dont even care anymore. I mute and block each and everyone that doesn’t talk nice ,and most of the time im off voice chat.

“Hats off” to the game makers for finding a way to attract so many toxic players in this game!


And what exactly is being said?


No one reasonable is saying it’s fine. We’re saying there isn’t much you can do about it other than report, mute, and move on.


I think there’s always something more you can do in just about any situation.

Giving up and settling for less has just never worked for me.


Other people have freedom of speech to harass you, but you have freedom to not listen to their speech.

Especially because different people are offended by different things, so you will have to ban voice chat as whole, to fix the problem.


There really isn’t though.

That said, I’m all ears for any suggestions you have to limit toxicity on the internet.

That’s not what we’re saying. Reporting, muting, and moving on isn’t “giving up”
Quitting the game is giving up


Why would I respect the freedoms of someone who isn’t respecting mine? Do I not have the right to expect a basic level of respect on this game where we’re supposed to be having fun and working as a team?

Technically, I’m free to punch someone in the face if I want. But if I do, there will be consequences for it. I don’t know why this is hard for people to understand.

The internet is not some magical super-dimension where the laws of reality no longer apply. If you do something wrong, bad things happen to you. Freedom is power, and with power comes responsibility. Fail to uphold that responsibility, you lose your freedom. It’s not rocket surgery.

I have one, actually.

Driver’s license or state ID requirement for making a Bnet account.

You can have as many alt game accounts as you want bound to your account, but if you get banned on one copy of Overwatch, for example, you get banned on all of them.

If you get permabanned, that’s it. Either win an appeal, steal/forge a new ID, or be an eternal sadboi 'cus you ain’t coming back.

The kiddos can substitute a parent’s ID, under the same above rules.

When their actions have real, permanent consequences behind them, people tend to be more careful about how they act. That’s life.


Sorry, bad things don’t magically happen, because you did something bad. Many people get away with bad stuff.


Top500 Junkrat, cool? :+1:


You’d be surprised. Karma is more real than people think.

Most people’s BS catches up to them in the end.

It’d just be nice to shut them up in the meantime.


shame on them. report block and move on.


You also will be surprised: it’s stupid people, who get punished by karma. Smart and cruel get away, and suffer no consequences. Unless, of course, you count possible punishment in afterlife. Life isn’t fair, after all, and you can suffer, even if you did nothing wrong to deserve it.

You can always mute those people in game, keeping yourself safe from their words.


That ‘general purpose abuse’ usually happens after things go wrong, the ‘get back to the kitchen stuff’, that starts in spawn. Pretty big difference.


Toxic people usually know, who is vulnerable, and will target them for no reason, since it’s twisted form of fun. Talked to few of those, and they admitted, that they feel joy from making someone cry.

Some of them are talented enough to make me sad, despite all my experience in wild lands of the internet. Luckily, so talented toxic people are rare :slightly_smiling_face:


Well. I never saw anyone insulting a girl on my team so far. But maybe Australians are just more civilized, when it comes to talking to girls?


Or I can find my own solution to the problem without defeatists telling me there’s nothing to be done.

If just ignoring someone and moving on is how you deal with things, why do you respond to forum posts like this, anyway? You aren’t going to stop the posts from happening, and you’re unlikely to convince people to see things your way.

By your logic, that means you should just stop responding and move on. And yet, here you are, doing the very thing you’re telling others it’s pointless to do.


It doesn’t mean, that I can’t give advice to people, who for whatever reasons didn’t figure out, how to protect themselves. Or simply believed, that internet is nice and friendly place.

Some places are nice, some are not. It’s up to you to leave, what you prefer. No one is going to do it for you, because no one knows ahead, what you prefer to hear and what you don’t want to hear.


Everyone has it rough, Just block report and move on. You’re letting them win if you let it get to you. Cause that is what they want, they want a reaction, and by giving one, you’re giving them their victory. If you ignore them however they will tryharder and harder until they are just crying on the floor seeking attention.


Or maybe we just have a different way of dealing with things, and your particular world-view is not the answer to life, the universe and everything.

So sit in your room on fire and look down your nose at people for wanting something better in life.

In the meantime, us inferior fools are going to be solving problems. Forgive us for our folly, O greater being.


You solve problem? You ban one toxic player, or more likely, one of their accounts.

Or you want to fix people, that act that way on purpose?