Voicechat as a girl -_-


U create this post for attention.Get a life


Just play without comms.

Most ranks, your teams won’t be saying anything useful anyway.
Just have fun


To be fair: If you’re playing in Top500 you are among more mature and dedicated players. It’s hardly playing among the general population so your experience doesn’t exactly reflect the everyday garbage that’s going on in the low tires and QP.


Or just stop being a crybaby.


These lovely comments pretty much highlights the problem. A large portion of the players feel harassment is fine. “It’s just what we do in games, stop crying about it”.

The enablers are just as much of a problem as the harassers. We can not get change as long as people think the culture is just fine. “Stop being a snowflake lul”.


Only use VOICE chat with your friends. I see ZERO neccesity of use voice chat every match. Especially if you are GETTING HARRASED every dam match dont put the VOICE match use the BRAIN.

Mute, report and move on. IGNORE the kids they are probably 12 - 14 and you are taking that too DAM personal


Most I do is say wait girls play overwatch most of the time they carry me XD. I’m trash at this game


At least he didn’t use actually change what the person said in a quote, which for some reason you can do.


Yes, yes. I’m sure they’d be so much happier having the abuse directed at them, including things like threats of violent assault.


Lol, at least people realize you are a girl.
I have had this happen several times before:

Random person (RP): Hey, you sound like/remind me of my friend!
Me: Well, maybe I am your friend. Who are they?
RP: Well, they’re an 11/12 year old boy.
Me: ;^; No, that’s not me.


That’s usually all I hear when playing with my female friends, to which they usually respond “woah, is that a guy?!” We all laugh and get along pretty great after that.

In the 2 years playing with various chicks fairly regularly I think they only got hit with sexist comments once. Now that’s only from my subjective experience I understand. But only seeing it once out of many many many hundreds of hours playing really lends to a few observations.

  1. Stick to a group. Play with people who have a good mental and positive outlook. You’ll find toxicity dropping and good vibes rising. Plus you have people to back you up if anything happens.

  2. It might not just be the fact you’re simply a chick. I’m not rushing to conclusions, but again hundreds near thousands of hours, and my personal friends have only been attacked once in egregious ways in my experience.

Now I’ve got a story too. One match I got stuck with a duo who was performing pretty poorly. We had 2 counters for a Pharah vs a team that had a Pharah. One counter wasn’t even attempting to pressure her, while the other was multitasking.

I made a comment about this to which I got hit with “oh here we go, another guy who thinks he can tell a woman what to do” to which her duo queued teammate immediately chimes in and says something about Mansplaining. I didn’t even know our Pharah was a chick, the duo hadn’t been talking all game anyway. It shouldn’t have mattered either way, but the fact they took my observation and callout as sexist when it clearly wasn’t is a serious issue.

After a brief exchange involving our female player (who’s a fantastic D.Va main) calling them out for their strange outburst and saying “Trando’s absolutely right, I can’t deal with Pharah alone, cut the arguments and just switch” they finally did, and stayed quiet the rest of the match to which we won.

I’m not saying you’re taking things out of context, but likewise this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this happening either.

I think the two options I gave are good places to start though.


What is the point of all these posts about how girls are treated? There is nothing we or anyone else can do about what someone said to you on the internet.

Report, mute and avoid them. Job done.


Mute people like that and move on. Being in chat can only help your team. The rest of us that aren’t teenagers with unrestricted internet access will appreciate your contributions. Don’t let a few losers influence how you play.


Really is happening less often than it is before.
The thing is attitude and response is what will help you build your self confidence.

Some strong replies to such people would be,

  • “This is why your right hand is the only person that will ever touch you. You can’t blame us, you can only blame your self. Good bye!”
  • “Man you must be extremely popular, you are on every girls list. Their ignore list.”
  • “Go back to the kitchen? How do you even know what a kitchen is? I hear your parents locked you in the basement and just dump trash through a garbage shoot for you to forage. I mean I would feel bad about it… but I kind of understand why they did it too.”
  • If they are a squeaker, “Girls can’t play games? What are you doing here then? Your voice is so high that your family jewels must be so far up your abdomen they might as well start calling them ovaries.”
  • “Honey, we all know the reason you hate girls so much is because every one of us have rejected you.”

Make sure you mute after your response then report them for harassment.
Muting before they reply is what will trigger them the most. It is extremely important not to reply to anything they say after your response. It will drive them completely nuts if they can’t tilt or trigger you.

Others Feel free to add to the list
The more times you give these replies the more confidence you will build. Since it shows you can show you are assertive and beat back against the harassment. Also if they are with friends hearing such a reply would probably result in them getting ridiculed by their own friends.

Feel free to print it out and keep it next to your desk.


Damn… I’m sorry that happens. For what it’s worth, people talk trash to me because I sound like a girl (I’m a guy), and stuff like that (even IRL people mistake me for a girl occasionally), and on even rarer stuff say the same things to me. I’m not saying woe-is-me, but just know I give you my sympathy.


Are you insinuating that top 500 is less toxic?

That’s laughable.


Welcome to online gaming.
One of the most Toxic environments in the known universe.
Second place: Chernobyl.


why does every snowflake come on here and cry afowl of the world

yes people are sexist yes you can mute them and report them

move on with your life

you’re just empowering them by overreacting

don’t feed the troll
also applies to the sexist jerk


There is toxic and then there’s toxic. Top 500 gets salty over game events all the time, yes, but they are less likely to go “lul lul lul Guuurl gaaaaaaamer, go play Mercy in the kitchen!”

If you don’t understand that difference I would suggest you’re the one we should laugh at. :roll_eyes:


sorry it happens, sis