Voicechat as a girl -_-


That’s not much of a clarification. As such my point will continue to stand.


it´s not fine, yet it can happen (sadly)

try harassing back and see how long he can take it :wink:


i mean yes, humans work that way. im not saying its fine but thats how we work


You don’t want clarification. You wanna be a victim so that you can get special threatment and attention.


So let’s make sure that we look the other way and impugn anyone that complains about the state of affairs.

See above.


Very true, very true, humans are going to human, and they are generally terrible, especially when protected from consequences.

Still doesn’t make it acceptable, or something that either you or OP should have to tolerate (even if you do just fine).

Hence why I suggested finding a community. It’s an extra step, another thing that OP (or you) shouldn’t have to do, but it’s a more permanent and probably more enjoyable solution than blocking all communication.


As a 60 year old man I assure you that I am not a victim of gendered harassment. But as an emotionally mature human being I am also able to empathize with someone who deals with issues that I do not experience.

Your accusation is telling.


Use the report feature


Usually the “omg it’s a girl on the interwebs” stuff is just joking and memeing and/or because they’re socially awkward, especially around females. The kitchen stuff and the blaming girls part though… just mute those tilted idiots, lol.


Honestly, no they wouldnt. Cause that are no normal insults.
Id rather get a “kill yourself” than this sexist crap.
But well, I mute such ppl anyway

The only reason I was writing my post was because I cant really understand that so many players still not realised that there are a lot of girls playing video games and they just sometimes are kinda invisible cause they dont talk in vc.


Yup that’s true, communication is the key to victory. Joining a community/group is a great idea, you can have teammates of the similar skill level and great communication (good for you @OP).

as for me though, I prefer solo queueing, because I don’t have friends haHAA
On serious note though, I wanna increase my carry potential. I prefer carrying the games I play because even if I duo/stack I won’t maintain that rank if one day they aren’t there to queue with me, of course I will be gaining more experience from the ranks I climb but it won’t be much compared to a environment with random teammates. Great suggestion though :slight_smile:


Yeah if your goal is to climb, joining a community probably isn’t the way to go. Queueing up as a 6 stack is unlocking hard mode, and personal performance has way less impact then team coordination.

However, if you’re goal is to get away from toxicity or harassment and have higher quality matches more often, clans, communities and teams are the way to go.


I am very used to receiving toxicity (lol). Six stack is cancer though, I HATE to play against them. I’ll stick with solo queue Ty XD


Which seems to be correct…at any level of competition.


NP, GLHF in your matches.


Yes they would because guys don’t care about petty stuff like that. “Go back to the garage” lol. The only reason you would be offended is that you’re insecure or don’t like what you are. Kids in school bully others because they get a reaction. If there is no reaction then they get bored. “Oh it’s a girl” (or going “girl girl girl”) and “girls aren’t video games” are just memes, not even insults, but you and other girls react.


That isn’t at all what they said.

They’re acknowledging the fact that in video games, mainly due to the anonymity, people will freely be toxic to others. They didn’t defend it whatsoever.

It will happen, and there’s not really much any game developer could do to get rid of it completely, as unfortunate as that is.

Don’t twist their words like that.


True, I used to be bothered a lot when people called me nerd.

Well I just nowadays don´t care about it because I am a nerd


woman are so oppressed


An argument could be made that you shouldn’t have to change yourself, yada yada, but… If you want to have an easier time, I’d suggest talking like a guy.

I don’t mean your voice, I mean your way of speaking.

I never have this problem, neither do my two friends. And I honestly believe it’s because we don’t talk like women. As in we don’t squeak or giggle or speak in a general feminine way. (I know that’s stereotyping, but I can’t think of any specific examples, so … just trying to explain what I mean. XP)

I have a very monotone voice anyway, especially around strangers. I just state things like “Genji to our left,” or “Let’s group up,” “Good job guys,” or whatever, without getting emotional or changing my pitch.

Honestly seems to attract very little attention. I have been made fun of for my accent occasionally, but never for being female.

So /shrug. If it really bothers you that much, you could try that, I guess.