Valkyrie on "E" Idea

So before i get to my idea i think people tend to forget who Mercy was intended to be. Shes meant to be a single target mobile healer who relies on her team to do her best. I’d say this is an extension to Titanium’s thread to Mercy because i mostly agree with everything that they have said regarding Mercy’s ult.
Link to Titanium’s thread: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Now time for my idea.
Name: Valhalla’s Light / Valhalla’s Wings
Valhalla is an afterlife for dead heroes, they cast light through Mercy’s staff to increase your teams life.

Ability: Mercy is granted with flight for 8 seconds and her beam will be increased in length from 15m to 18m, her healing output would be increased to 75hps and damage boost from 30% to 40%. The downfall of this ability is that Mercy’s beam must be attached to an ally in order to gain her flight ability. Movement speed while in flight will be increased to 8 m/s (omni-directional flight) Cooldown will be 12 seconds.
Valhalla’s Light / Valhalla’s Wings will sort of be like a mini valkyrie in the sense that you are able to fly but not without the care of your team which will bring back the dependence for her needing her team.

This was kind of a thought off of the top of my head but i would like to what the community thinks of this idea? Should her cooldown be longer? Do you think her healing is too much? Or even if you hate spectate Mercy all together.:innocent:


I feel like the ability to fly will make her alot harder to kill, for example if someone is diving her just press E and you can fly away. I would also make the hps 65-70 because 75 seems like alot, though it is a good idea.

She would not be able to fly super high and the fact that she would go 8 m/s is slower than Valk currently. A Hanzo or soldier could simply pick her if she flew too high, but i can see where you would pocket a team member and they would destroy the enemy. Maybe if we reduce the duration to 6 seconds?

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I would go even further with a 4 second duration and a 10 second cooldown (starting after said duration ends). 8-6 seconds can be a large chunk of a teamfight, which is a long time to be empowered by a self-inflicted ability.

I, personally, also want an E ability that can be used on a consistent basis. An 8 second duration and a 12 second cooldown is a combined 20 seconds between activations along with an uptime pushing on overpowered.

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No I’d rather have rez.

Hey, I had a similar idea! :slight_smile:

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