Upcoming PTR patch discussion

We got new changes announced.
Let’s discuss them here.
Let’s begin:

If it will increase damage from 120 to 140, then it is good change, but because his weapon is inconsistent because of slow and small projectiles (also netcode issues) they are easy to avoid.
I’d be better to slightly increase their size (to .25 at least) and increase projectile speed (at least for a few second after shot or until bomb bounces)

Another good change. Lucio is really strong support because of his speed boost. Even if goats dies, it’ll probably be divecomp/deathball again. So it was reasonable to nerf the movespeed aura. But to compensate this, his wallride mobility was increased. Let me show you this:

Current movespeed After change
Normal 5.5
Speedboost 7.15 6.6 (-7%)
Amp speedboost 9.35 8.25 (-12%)
Wallride heal aura 6.6 7.7 (+15%)
Wallride speedboost 8.58 9.24 (+7%)
Wallride amp speedboost 11.22 11.55 (+2%)

So, he will have lower “ground” speed aura movespeed. So will have his allies. But his wallride movespeed will be increased. So it is really nice change.

Another nice change. For comparison, here his current damage rampup:
0-0.2 seconds - cast time
0.2-1 second - 100 dps (80 overall)
1-6.2 second - 275 dps (up to 1730 damage overall)
Now it is:
0 - 0.2 seconds - cast time
0.2-1 second - 100 dps (80 overall)
1-1.5 second - 275 dps (217.5 overall)
1.5-6 second - 550 dps (up to 2692.5 overall)

The timings for 200 hp targets remain the same.
Let’s compare this points: 250 hp, 400 hp, 500 hp, 600 hp
250 - from 1.6 to 1.55 seconds
400 - from 2.1 to 1.8 seconds
500 - from 2.5 to 2 seconds
600 - from 2.9 to 2.2
Soo, three major points:
1.He won’t delete low hp targets just by looking at them
2.He will kill high hp targets faster

The change is healthy for the game, but not for reaper. With 50% lifesteal he is dominant at lower bracket but still bad at higher bracked. With 40% he maybe won’t be as dominant against lower bracket and tanks especially, but it won’t make him better hero.

Good change. Symmetra is bad so the buffs will be great. For correct numbers, it will be from 1.67 to 1.33 seconds per level decrease. But in my opinion, Symmetra is bad now not because of her weapon. She needs tweaking in rest of her kit - teleporter and sentries especially. At least sentries deal higher damage against armor now, at least something.

Zarya has too much damage and not too much “tank” for tank. It is still nice change, but it won’t affect much.

This one is nice too.
Discord is one of the strongiest utility tools supports have. Just remember how strong it was when it had 50% effect. By decreasing it from 30% to 25% they reduce it’s strength as team focus tool.
As for Zen’s damage. Extra 2 damage may not look enough, but it is

  1. Extra 5 dps
  2. Extra 10 damage per volley
  3. His damage against discorded targets is still the same (59.8 vs 60, not that big of a difference)

So the change is nice.

What do we have now? We got one of the best patch notes in a while 2 days ago and now we have another load of really nice changes. WOW if they continue like that overwatch will be a better place soon. Especially if new heroes will be as fun, unique and balanced as Baptiste.


Given your level of thought put into this: I might still get Lucio’s golden gun because he still (apparently) retains speed while on walls…
Which makes rollouts much more consistent? I think? I have to test it when it comes out.

Not just that.
For his team, it just 7% movespeed loss in normal speed song and 12% loss in amp’d song
So it won’t be that big of a deal

The Junkrat buff is going to hurt Bastion.

The Lucio and Zenyatta changes seem to balance out.

The McCree and Symetra buffs are good.