Unpopular Opinion: Rialto


Unpopular opinion: Rialto map should be scrapped and/or redesigned.

In my short time viewing Contenders and OWL matches featuring Rialto, I have not seen one Rialto map go to completion (aka all the way to Point C). Yesterday’s embarrassment between London and Philly was just the icing on the cake…a very foul-tasting cake that will only continue to taste even worse should Rialto stand.

In fact, Rialto seemed so poorly designed, I and my college history professor are looking up what Rialto is really like, both in history and today.

TL;DR Rialto needs to be redesigned.

Now, back to viewing OWL…

(Jeff Kaplan) #2

Rialto balance stats for the past month:

49.35% Attackers, 50.65% Defenders

Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 9/12/2019
Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 9/12/2019
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Quick shut down from the big J


Dang. One of ur posts was commented by Jeff. Prase the lord


As with all other maps that is the ideal ratio. I believe Horizon was the only map to ever have an unbalanced winrates favoring attackers right?


Dev shutdown comments are the best comments.

Also i love Rialto it feels very balanced to me the chokes have plenty of side routs but its also easy to keep an eye on the to react quickly.


Is that similar to other maps? Perhaps there could be a minor change to make it slightly easier to attack?


… dude its literally 50-50 why mess with something that is working almost perfectly?


Any chance on OWL stats for it? We all know the general public and professional games are very different. :smile:


Ah yes there should most definitely be OWL stats considering it JUST STARTED


Oh snap you went there XD


Because people prefer attacker-sided maps obviously? Why do you think everyone loves King’s Row and hates Hanamura?


Not to be rude, but that’s not what OP was saying?

OP wasn’t saying the map wasn’t balanced… they said the map never goes to the third point.

Are there any stats that identify Point C captures? Is it any lower than other Payload maps?


Sorry, I didn’t look up the timeline and only watch OWL off and on when I have a minute. Was it not in season 1?


Rialto is my jam though.


I love both of them on both sides as well.


To be clear, what does this account for?

For example, are we talking quick play stats where a victory is actually making it to the end? Or comp where a victory is simply pushing it further than the other team? The implication for the latter is that you can have nearly equal statistics without anyone ever actually making it to the end :slight_smile:


make sure you let us know what type of gameplay related balance decisions you and your college professor can discover from history


Please help Doomfist


Weren’t you guys going to do some tweaks on the final point because the entrance was too pack together or something?