Unexpected error crash


“The application has encountered an unexpected error.”

HALP!!! ive deleted all my blizzard and reinstalled still getting an error. thankyou



Hey, Gilgamesh!

We have recently been tracking a trend. If you wouldn’t mind testing out something. Temporarily uninstall Avast and let us know if the crashes stop: https://www.avast.com/en-us/uninstall-utility

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Been having the same problem for a few days. Did the fix suggested and it works. I was finally able to open Overwatch without it crashing. I was able to reinstall avast after I removed it and Overwatch is able to open still.


Perfect Riot. Thank you.

Please let us know if this changes.


Tried to play a game. Crashed again.


Okay, thanks.

Please uninstall Avast again and test without it installed.


Went through a whole match with no errors with avast uninstalled.


Thanks for testing, Riot.

To clarify what we are seeing, it appears to be an issue with AMD FX/Phenom chipsets with Avast installed. It is odd that Avast is only affecting AMD FX/Phenom chipsets. It’s even odder that it is crashing Overwatch.

If you do happen to get another crash code, please let us know.


Another crash. I was able to play with no antivirus installed whatsoever. Since I couldn’t play with Avast installed, I installed AVG (after playing) and now I’m getting the same crash error. Seems like its not just Avast.

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Haha, AVG is technically the same program as Avast, so that makes sense. Thanks for verifying that. They have the same back end and file structure.


Hey again, Riot!

We had a response from another player who is experiencing the same issue. They stated that disabling Avast Core Shields resolved the problem for them. Just wanted to give you the heads up, just in case you wanted to reinstall your security software and play Overwatch at the same time. :slight_smile:


Just throwing myself in here to say this was DEFINITELY the issue for me. I had all of the problems everyone else is experiencing. I went through every piece of advice I could find. Uninstalled drivers, rolled back drivers, memtest, tinkered with every setting I could find, I even upgraded my operating system!

Adding OW as an exception on Avast did nothing, but I completely uninstalled it and just played my first full game of Overwatch in over a week.


I’ll also say, I just tried to reinstall Avast, and it crashed Overwatch. I tried disabling the core shields and it still crashed.

For me, only completely uninstalling Avast has completely solved the issue.


Thanks, PatrickD.

I will put down disabling Core Shields as a “Maybe”. :slight_smile:


sorry to bump this but I’ve got extra info. I have a Phenom CPU and have Avast and Overwatch is crashing on startup. I’ve finally found the exact feature of Avast crashing the game. It’s the anti rootkit feature of Avast. Disabling this feature specifically allows the game to run. The problem is you don’t want that disabled AND there is no exception feature in Avast handling ant-rootkit. if it’s fixable, it’d be great. Thanks.