Unban the banned toxic players for overwatch 2

overwatch 2 is a separate game and technically the banned people are banned in overwatch 1. so i can’t see any reason to ban them in overwatch 2 since it’s a different game. not every people who got banned is buying the game again, so you are probably losing players too. unbanning the banned toxic people for overwatch 2’s release is not a bad idea. you are saying they are banned because they kept being toxic, then they will also get banned eventually in overwatch 2 as well. everyone deserves a second chance. you cannot just assume that they are gonna be toxic, you can’t know that. and if they are toxic, you can just ban them again no? you can’t know that if they are still toxic or not without unbanning them. it’s a different game after all.

It’s never just a moment. The ones who get permanently banned have been warned enough to warrant one.


a person can be angry more than once, i already said that

For me? No, maybe for someone else. If wasn’t the reason I don’t see why you deleted.

It’s your problem with that particular person, for that you could be more polite and reinforce your stance without being aggressive towards the person or just mute the person. It’s your right to do so, instead of saying “shut up”, which was when you lost your right and reason and lowered to the same level as the person you disliked. They have their own right to type anything they want, if you think it’s offensive enough you can flag the post and wait for actions being taken.

That’s why everybody has similar rights.

Say they’re wrong, ask for proof and if they negate of it, you can mute and flag them because they are accusing you for something you didn’t do. In real world you would take the matter to the justice asking them to prove that you’re guilty or you would use your fists? We have rules in here, you can use them. If you are innocent the accuser should proof otherwise, until them it’s empty words and threats and for that you have tools for it.

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No one ever really changes they just do better not to get caught the second time.

Keep them banned and let them realize the world has consequences.


okay, i apologize for that then. please just know that i never banned in past.

Blizzard doesn’t ban anyone.

you cannot know if they are changed or not. you can’t see that without unbanning them. if they didn’t change they will get banned eventually anyway.

Yes, and that person should also learn to control their anger to not be toxic online. I don’t think it’s a good idea to unban accounts because that gives the impression that Blizzard doesn’t take their rules seriously and it greenlights others to do the same.


The system has human factor on it, while most of it it’s automatized, there’s human review on it.

There’s a GDC video talking about it and the person behind the specifics of the system.

Later I can search and send here the link if you want.

Like any system has flaws but doesn’t mean that your statement it’s truthful. Any action taken, mostly, would be reviewed by a human. While the system has high degree of confiability in certain scenarios, as far as they said their system uses human review at some point to it.

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you can put strict rules about toxicity and ban those unbanned people at their first toxicity. it is a good idea to unban them, most of them regret. and if they didn’t change just ban them again. why is that a bad idea?? and technically overwatch 2 is a separate game so it doesn’t make any sense to keep them banned in overwatch 2.

So why waste time? Keep them banned. As others have stated, you have ample warnings to change your behavior before you get banned. If you don’t stop and think:
“I got a behavior warning saying I am toxic? Why? Was it when I said [instance]? Maybe I dial it back…?”
But nope, they continued.

If the consequences of your actions are staring you in the face “Do not enter, Guard Dog on premises,” but you say “lol, whatever,” and get bit. You deserve no sympathy.


Well, you didn’t showed anything that would make consider that you were or not banned before. So I’m indiferent to the situation.

It’s your right to clarify it, which I think it’s great.

About the topic, unless they had wrongly punished the player and the player can prove it. The ban shouldn’t be lifted. Bans aren’t things they take lightly, that’s why folks who were banned often done mistakes several times, not just once. For that you can see why it’s really unlikely the unban.

Some companies even ban the account for all that company games. Dunno about blizzard in that aspect tho.

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yeah but ban is something else. maybe they didn’t realize how serious the situation was until they got banned. you can’t know they didn’t change without unbanning them. people can change, and like i said most of them regret being toxic. if they do the same mistake again, you can just ban them. that’s how easy it is.

Easy, eh?
Can you provide or even GUESS how many accounts have been banned since launch? And how many of those were for Toxic behavior aside from other bannable offenses?

Keep in mind the quality of Developer we are dealing with here.

People who are banned regularly receive warnings or short time bans (days/weeks) before a permaban. So obviously those people do not regret it, because they are repeat offenders.

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if you can ban that many accounts, then you can ban the unbanned people again at their first mistake lol. there should be a system to detect toxicity and punish the toxic person. so it’s not that hard to just unban and ban them again at their first mistake.

I want to live in this perfect world you are living in. It sounds nice.

It seems strange to me that someone who isn’t banned would advocate for players banned for “specific” reason (toxicity) to be reinstated. That and you post on a brand new account instead of old, lead me to assume your old account got banned.

And then

and that post (now deleted) with all the phrases used to trigger people…further tells me you are probably a little toxic. I don’t have a problem with that. I just find it funny.

You should not have, on a new account, advocated for toxic players to be unbanned, while being toxic yourself lol. Huge sus.


if some time passed after they banned, they might be changed. you can’t know that without unbanning them and observing how they talk in chat.