TRUST Developers more pls


It’s hard to trust a company that literally goes silent talking to it’s community for 3 month stretches at a time while devs like warframe and paladins have regular very often video round table discussions meanwhile we are starving and begging for a single paragraph on the forum saying “hey we are still alive and have cool stuff planned!”


Mercy was too easy to play for an example best mercy player eeveea eho was top1 is now plat/diamond becouse now even mercy neee some skils


Are you serious? I’ve heard of Eeveea. I recall actually seeing a few videos on YouTube, of them being a guest on a few channels as well. They’re platinum/diamond now? Oof.


What if mercy is just crap, and it’s not actually Eeveea that’s a bad player?


“If”? She IS crap. People who keep saying shes not just dont want her to be changed either because they dont like her; see how some people start to insult them by saying she needs more skillzz now or theyre afraid Blizz will do another s*&%$ thing to Mercy which could make her worse again.


Mercy is not a good hero in this state of the game. She can’t get a res off in the middle of a deathball, and without burst healing does very little against the amount of explosive burst happening in the game. I’ve tried a few times to get use out of her this season, but she really is hopeless.


You can’t have trust without any evidence of dependability and competence, what you’re asking from us is not trust, but blind faith.


I tried. Really tried.

But they keep releasing balance patches that don’t include common sense or reasonable balancing. There were some, but most of them are just… not right.

And I also can’t trust them (at least as much as I did before) because they stated during Blizzcon that at least one character was already playable by then. So why even have a deadline and a schedule on hero releases? Make surprises, release them when they are ready, not every 4 months when people know they are about to get another hero.


Its your first time, huh


Wow! 83 upvotes!? Thank you, everyone! I guess you guys really do genuinely refuse to trust Blizz. :joy::heart:


what about no. Sorry for you daddy Jeff feelings


i almost give you a like, better not


Its all good. I’ll give you a like anyway, just for keeping it G and real with me. That way everyone wins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Next biggest update: Mc Cree is Bisexual but only with minorities, Hanzo is vegan and Winston is feminist


They have fooled us so many times.


Disagree about Brig and Moira.

Moira may be the most balanced post-release hero in the game.

Brig was too strong, but instead of balancing her they just destroyed her so no one would see her until they condescend and buff her shield to 550 hp.

They not just refuse to communicate. They are completely silent until some “major” update.
And about updates - patches now are completely lazy. Remember early days where they were trying to experiment, add new features to underpowered heroes or abilities, or other stuff.
Now they just oversimplify heroes with reworks and tweak the numbers of FEW heroes in one patch PER MONTH!
Yeah i understand schedule and everything, but hey. We waited 3 weeks. And then we’ve found out they just swapped shields and brigitte armor on healthbar… Again. They just nerfed brigitte with one thing (again). After 3 weeks of waiting. And now we have to wait for another month to find out what will they do next. Another one-liner patch that will affect couple of heroes not significantly?


This reminds me of something I saw on YouTube. It was an Overwatch parody called “Racistwatch”. Go watch that, and pay close attention to the McCree part. Lol. You’ll see why.

And no, I’m not going to post that video here for obvious reasons.


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great points there. Agreed. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


You know what they say?
Fool me once, shame on you.
Continue to fool me over and over, shame on me.

It seems there are other priorities within the company, with OWL being one of them.
Meanwhile the state and development of the game has been thrown down to the very bottom of their list.

Zero communication, simple changes take months upon months to come by for no reason.
Feedback is ignored completely and balancing has been atrocious, with power creeping burst damage all over the place.


I gotta say no.

Giving a break and appreciation is reserved for developers that do faster balancing, add more content regularly and respond to problems and comments often. Like how overwatch used to be in year one. sure, People complained back then, but a lot of praise also came with the game and the numbers of people buying the game showed that praise.

Now the updates are slow. The content is slow. Balancing slow. And whenever we ask, what’s happening with all the time you’re spending and producing nothing, it ends up being a secret that they’re working on, or they’ll announce very soon (which usually means AT LEAST a month and it never is a big thing anyways) or it’s nothing after a big other nothing. while almost every single major thing we discussed since year one is still being DISCUSSED or WORKED ON or other excuses are brought up for them.

So no. The game isn’t in the praise or slack spot. What we are at right now is a state that makes us WANT the game to improve and get better, yet it’s not happening. Soon enough, we’ll reach a point of not even caring if it gets better.