TRUST Developers more pls


I would add

No map editor released
No game editor released (custom games settings on steroids)


Agreed with this one except for the one about brig n moira.



I’m just amazed that in this post i have given likes to some posters that i know i have some disagree with some of their posts before, but now i see they have the same opinion with me in this issue.


Aaaaannd i’m outta likes.


Graphic language warning

Even though I stopped watching Muselk like over a year ago because he became a raging man child. I have to agree with what he says in this video. I think Overwatch was out for like a year and a half when Fortnite released their BR mode. I’ve never played I just watch videos on youtube from time to time. But the speed of content being added to that game compared to Overwatch is like night and day in difference.

Right now if I was brand new to Overwatch and only playing for a few months with no knowledge of it beforehand. I would guess the dev team is around 30 people total. If you were to ask me how many I think it should have I would say around 200. From what I’ve seen on the forums the current dev team is somewhere around 100 people. So if it feels like 30 and I think there should be 200 and there’s currently 100-ish. If my math skills weren’t non-existent I would do the math for that. Basically I mean how many people over 200 would we need for it to actually feel like there’s 200 devs working on the game.

I think the current team needs a big numbers boost. Content is coming at a glacial pace and at best the game balance is best described as a mess. The hero roster is heavily lopsided towards DPS and at the current speed of hero releases it will be years before Tanks and Supports see the same numbers. That is if they don’t keep adding DPS heroes which would further push back the release and development of Tanks and Supports.


That is what got us into the mess in the first place. Just letting them do their own thing is a bit… counter-intuitive. Being clear about what is wanted can only help them, fam.


Can’t because of what’s been given to Overwatch for the past 2 years and half. They chose to focus on OWL than keep their game entertaining and alive. Reworks gone horrid due to complaints and nerfs due to complaints. None reverted or tweaked well to help out the gameplay of the hero. Too much errors man.


Trust on this forum?


Slow to release new content and slow to fix issues with the game. The dev’s need to step things up a bit as the game is starting to look rather stale in comparison with other games that have come out recently.


My trust was lost when they;

  1. Reworked Mercy into this mess we have
  2. Nerfed Junkrats grenade hitbox
  3. Has not been a new game mode since Retribution and all PvE or new game modes we have are locked behind timed events
  4. Take MONTHS to do a simple number change on 1 hero; Sym’s primary fire.
  5. Diverting resources from the game to OWL where we should apparently watch the game compared to actually playing the game.
  6. Kneejerk nerfs to heroes just because they are meta and slowly but surely make them awful and not address actual issues; armor nerfs and nerfs.
  7. Overbuffing wrong parts of heroes so they counter certain metas but made them more frustrating in lower ranks; Mccree FtH and Reapers recent buff.
  8. Not utilising PTR and instead is just a Bug testing site, anything that goes there even if it IS awful and stupid, go LIVE no matter what.


After what they did to Bastion?

Hell no.


I don’t understand why people take this position.

People paid for something, they’ve invested time in it, they love it, and want to see it continue. Expressing dissatisfaction in the direction the game is going is anyone’s right to do. If they don’t, then Blizzard would never do anything.

Statements like above make it sound like we should be grateful for anything a company drops in our lap when it is the other way around. Blizzard should be thankful that people have supported, play, and choose to stick around hoping to see the game improve when there’s more and more options releasing.


give me one reason to trust them


Especially when those cosmetics are just… whelming. Halloween was pretty solid though, everything else since SG til now has been fairly unimaginative or poor execution, some skins still shine through, but overall…


Bad Matchmaking, no possibility to blacklist gamemodes, the silence about mystery heroes (the last we heard was last year), disappoinments in various blizzard games and a cancelled wow-sub. So… NO! And it doesnt matter from which blizzard game the devs are…


Nope. When they actively break stuff and claim it was playtested I’m not going to say we’re lucky about it.



Blizzard told us we haven’t figured Sym 3.0 out yet. They see no fault in a rework that made the hero worse. Obviously the fault lies with us.

Blizzard also told us we were wrong for wanting what we wanted with Sombra, so they ignored community feedback and changed her anyway. She’s been trash tier for most of her lifespan and now has the lowest win rate across all three platforms.

Blizzard also told us that Mercy didn’t need nerfing for a good 8 months of the moth meta, which was wrong. Then they went and changed Mercy again and look at the controversy around that.

Blizzard also told us the problem with Reaper was his life steal, so they buffed that and ignored the repeated requests to look at shadow step. We told them Reaper would be a problem at lower ranks and that’s exactly what has happened.

Developer hubris is going to be a big part of what kills this game, mark my words.


As Mercy main, I got my reasons to never trust them ever again.

And so far, when I expect worst from them, they manage to make it even worse, than my expectations.


Might be the minority here, but I’m still having fun in this game playing with my friends.
Looking forward to whatever new stuff they have in store… Although tbh the events could use a little more spice.

Here’s hoping Uprising/Retribution 2.0 would be good.


For what, for their upcoming surprises?
Sorry but even IF(and that is a big if honestly) the surprise is super good, if it’s too late, it’s too late.
And it’s already close to being way too late. More stuff around for you to enjoy other things that this watered down version of itself Overwatch has become.


Blizzard have shown me time and again that they will let me down every time, and they’ve done it across multiple games. It hasn’t just been Overwatch. World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, games I once loved, are basically gone for me in the capacity that I used to enjoy them, just like Overwatch.

I can’t just blindly put trust in a company that has disappointed me on this level this consistently anymore. So no, I’m not going to trust them. When Blizzard can show me that they can make a good, fun game and keep it good and fun, I’ll trust them again. And remakes/remasters of old games don’t count.