TRUST Developers more pls


That’s the other way around


I was agreeing with everything until you complain about Moira.


It’s impossible for me at this point. I haven’t had any trust in the development team ever since that Mercy rework went live, the moth meta went on and on for the majority of a year with them doing nothing to address it properly, and they still had such pride in themselves to say ‘the rework was a success’.

They think they’re so good at what they do, and they don’t trust any of the players at all, which is why they screw up over and over. They aren’t that good. If they were, stuff like Ironclad bastion, 50% lifesteal reaper, and moth meta mercy wouldn’t have made it passed the PTR, and Sym wouldn’t still suck after 2 major reworks.

Trust them? How?


It’s okay, comrade. I still appreciate and thank you for letting me know your standings on things regardless.

Side note. I am EXTREMELY thankful for the upvotes, everyone. Over 100 upvotes!? That’s a “mega oof” right there. You guys are the real MVP. And to Acti-Blizz reading this thread? I really hope you see just how your community feels about things.


that right there says tons about this game. UT2004 gave away TONS of free content, year after year without asking for a dime from anyone. They even gave away map creation and character creation tools out, FOR FREE, so that the community could create more and better maps. THEN, they let the community run their own servers, with as many people as they wanted …

TF2 did very similar things. FREE content for years, community developed maps, community developed skins, community run servers PLUS admin tools. They even paid money for content created by the community that went into becoming canon maps and items. No, TF2 isnt a better game BUT they did some really good things which is why there are still active communities in TF2.

not to mention, its kinda hard to trust anyone after removing the event mode during the event and then stays silent about it for weeks …


Creators still get paid for their content, if their content is in TF2 game shop.
Overwatch simply doesn’t have anything, that doesn’t belong to Blizzard: one flip of the switch - and all those skins and maps are gone.


That speed boost nerf was to Lucio, not to his Aura. Him being a staple member of GOATS is a result of his synergy with close ranged heroes, not because he can increase his personal speed through wallriding


There was a time when I used to trust them a lot.

However, recently it’s just been horrible. The game has never felt more stale and uninteresting. I’m sick of the lack of content, lack of communication, and bad balance changes.


The only thing i’m annoyed about is lack of communication, and that we’re in the event for CTF and it’s not even playable. A lot of us do not want to play comp ctf, and it wasn’t even in for a full week before it was taken off rotation, what’s worse is there’s been NOTHING FROM THE DEVS AT ALL ABOUT THIS. The event ends in a week, this is the LAST WEEK OF ROTATION and we’ve heard NOTHING.

That? That worries me, for something that’s supposed to be there and no word about it at all? My trust in the devs just plummets rapidly…


Ok. I was wrong about the target of the nerf, but nonetheless, he was saved by pro players complaining.


Oh definitely. But not because it makes him insanely powerful


OP clearly doesn’t have a phone.


And there are plenty of games that do update.
Just because there are games that don’t update doesn’t mean all games should be like that.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

SO basically if we don’t like things we shouldn’t say anything about it.


Phone!? What sorcery is this? We communicate through various pet owls, that carry my scrolls to and from various people. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Blizzard help, the games a mess right now!”

“Don’t worry we have this new OWL viewer that will make it easier to watch the games”

“That doesn’t help us at all.”


Will Jeff or other dev reply here? Do your bets


No, with about 99.999999999% chance.


I wont trust anyone who’s main goal is to maximize profit, even with the cost of everything and everyone else.


I trust them, i know they are doing everything for purpose, they are the one who made the game not us, they know every part of the game and know how every change will effect the game.


That or the 6 Mercy mega-threads with thousands of posts each as well. The statement “we think (hero name) is fine” at this point is a non-answer to signal to move on.

Funny thing is a lot of us are… To other games.