TRUST Developers more pls


I have seen so many posts about everyone doubting blizzard and everything but give them some slack. We know we have given them a lot, but honestly, we are lucky to even get what we get. A lot of games barely update everything at all. We know there are issues as there will always be in every game. We cam trust them that once OWL has started they will probably have more time to focus on balance. And it’s honestly it’s really easy to sit back and say what they aren’t doing. Look at what they have done. They made a game that you have loved. I’m sure they are trying their best and we truly don’t know what is going on behind the scenes because we wouldn’t have a clue. Just play the game for what it currently is and have fun. If you can’t then it’s time to move on and there is nothing wrong with that.


No. (20 characters).

Edit: I refuse because:

  • Ignored competitive for too long.
  • Keep forcing OWL at the community.
  • Have atrocious balancing.
  • Made Brig and Moira exist (I main Genji).
  • They ruined Mercy.
  • They ruined Doomfist.
  • They refuse to communicate.
  • They do things extremely slow.
  • They come off arrogant and smug in interviews.

Edit #2: Thank you to everyone who gave me upvotes! Much love and thanks to you all. I really wasn’t expecting it, and was just saying how I felt. I’m extremely pleased to see that I also managed to connect with all of you who gave me upvotes as well. <3

Edit #3: 143 UPVOTES!? You guys are the absolute best! Much love to the whole forums. :heart_eyes:


The last time I trusted blizzard they introduced brig and nerfed tracer… Safe to say they’ve lost me


We have doubt in Blizzard because we have reasons to, because of the decisions they have made.

To trust them they’d have to prove us wrong. Yet all we’re hearing is silence from them.


No. I’m a Doomfist main. I don’t trust them.


I think you’d be surprised at how many people have already taken your advice.


I agree, we should just give them some more time to do stuff.
I’m honestly sick and tired of waiting but whateva.


I trust the developers more than I trust the company, but that isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement. It’s good to be critical of the game anyway.


Idk. 3 years seems like enough time.


Look at warframe, and come back asking yourself if you right about this.

Yea, they told us about working on secrets, because we all love secrets right???


I think… I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Aster speak out on what they dislike. Could Aster have finally had it with the OW team’s shenanigans? :thinking:


I have a lot of posts complaining about devs secrets for quite some time now.


For real…? Well then… I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.


They haven’t done much to give the playerbase any confidence in them.


When your events only has new cosmetics, its kinda hard to build confidence.


Welp, also its one of this days when i got salty for no reason at everything, so it was one of this days when it was more visible in my posts i guess.


Ah, it’s okay Aster. I told you a long time ago that I read all your posts in Reaper’s voice. Lol. So, in the end? You’re still perfectly A-OK in my book, comrade. :joy:


the issues are just getting TOO MUCH…

its not just one or two things…

and all that i hear is OWL…


Nearly three years ago… in that time they added a few basic things that should of been there from day one like LFG a few heroes and a few maps.


You are a customer, not a prisoner of war.