TRUST Developers more pls


I think this is the first time that I entirely agree with you, but yes. I agree with you 100%.


Absolutely not. They had my trust in the first year. They’ve only managed to squander it after two years of horrible balance changes, a abusable report system, nothing done about smurfs, treating console players like second class citizens, and a esport that threatens to kill this game by its second season release.


Yea this poor indie company is just trying its hardest guys.


I paid for the original overwatch. not this crap.


I cannot name a single multiplayer game I play that updates less than Overwatch on a yearly basis unless that game is completely done. I’ve played games that have died in 3-6 months of launch and get more quality content in those months than Overwatch does in a year.

Why should I trust them? Because I liked the game? I liked a lot of things until they prove themselves to be crappy. Overwatch is just that now. A steaming pile of crap. Everyone is here because they want to like the game but it’s in this terrible state because the devs aren’t talking.


You know I was abused as a child.
House full of 5 kids and a poor woman terrified that the man was gonna come home a foul mood and take it out on us.

My younger brother was around 6 and omg he used to get us into more trouble always crying about how mean our dad was and more than once I found myself trying to convince him that it was our fault.

Mostly because I was afraid if he ever heard any of the complaints he’d make it worse.

Now I’m not saying that Blizzard devs are physically assaulting their customers or anything.

I’m just saying my younger brother was right.


sad story. but. why does this matter?


How can we trust them when they have reduced their communication with us, put changes to live that the community doesn’t agree with, keep basically everything a secret from us, and seemingly prioritize OWL more than the actual game itself?


I’ll trust them if they respond to our 18 000 replies Bastion thread.


Because we’re in this abusive relationship with Blizzard and we shouldn’t convince ourselves otherwise.


Because as a customer I feel mistreated.
And while I’m not silly enough to imagine there is a general consensus on anything in the Overwatch / Blizzard community there are more than enough people who feel the same way to assert the feeling is legitimate.

One of the reasons this forum is so flooded with complaints?
Because this is the ONLY place Blizzard let’s us air our feedback.

No more tickets with feedback.
No more call center.
If you have a problem go type it out and WE’LL decide if you get the satisfaction a customer is meant to receive.

This is not the normal Company / Consumer model.
This is not how feedback is supposed to work.


No, Blizzard or more accurately the Overwatch Devs haven’t shown why I should trust them. If they want to earn my trust back, they have to communicate with the community. Tell us what they’re working on, what we’ll like to see and what we think is the most important fix instead of going silent and then putting changes/“fixes” in that nobody wants. how about actually using PTR as it’s intended, to test out balance tests. Seriously, what’s the point in having it if practically all of the changes are going to. Look, they should be using the PTR to experiment with balancing, if an idea doesn’t work they could always scrap it.

Whenever Blizzard makes a change, they always go through with it regardless of what the community thinks. I seriously can’t think of any time they went back and undid a change they did or decided not to put it through live.


You say that like it’s unwarranted. They have spent 3 years doing it to themselves


oh. I see. I agree, very much so


there’s no reason to trust blizzard. You’d know that if you ever played wow


As an avid Sombra player, lulno.




They only do it if the pros call for it. Lucio was once due to get a nerf to speed boost, but the pro players crying saved him. He would then use that second lease on life to become a founding member and constant staple of GOATs.


Blizzard is going through a rough time right now with the layoffs. Diablo Immortal was a big hit to the company. The memes and everything killed the whole notion of diablo 4. Investers lost a lot of money and well blizzard lost a lot of its members due to lack of money. Things will be very slow for Blizzard and no one knows what will truly happen. They do have the main focus on Overwatch though but idk what else they could do to this game to make it new or fun. 2cp and escort is getting quite boring. Its kind of a trap the way this game is arranged.


Future looks grim for Blizzard PC gamers. Other than remakes of old games, is there ANY PC game in the pipeline?