TRUST Developers more pls


I feel you about symm. They failed that. Torbs isn’t that bad.


We are the consumer, and so far:
The Blizzard Devs have ignored us for OWL

They made the game a lot less skill based (Keep in mind this game is competitive and a shooter and not a party game)

They use shady business practices for OWL (Like promising coins)

They don’t fix the competitive systems.

The new heroes (Late 2017-2019) Are either poorly designed (Brig and Moria) A lot less skillful (Moria and Brig) Or do more than one of their jobs (Brig and Moria) (Hammond, Ashe and the third one everyone forgets about are honestly fine.) (Brig and Moria are also extremely poorly designed, Brigs kit at the beginning encouraged them to attack the opponent instead of, k’now support. She also had a lot of healing, a little too much. Moria can either attack or heal, which encourages DPS Morias and stops people from getting heals, speaking of heals)

They also made healing extremely strong, which makes GOATS stronger.

Yeah I’d rather trust the TF2 devs to develop the game rather than the Overwatch devs.


You guys are right but we’re just gonna have to hope for the best and we can at least hold out a little longer. New hero almost here🙏🏻


Could have been a lot better

giving a giant hitbox hero only 200 hp when he could pretty much had a semi perma 275 hp

and their claim that he was too reliant on his ult and turret, just to make him over-reliant on his E, overload…

a lot of hypocricy went arround that rework


You expect me to have any kind of trust on them after how they nerfed Doomfist like 7 times in one patch?


But look at symm. Mercy and win a 1v1 against her. At least he got an ult that damages.


so? his ult is trash too and half the cast can walk through it before they die



“We’re working on stuff.
We can’t tell you about it, because it would be detrimental to national security n stuff.”

Must be like that, cause I don’t see a reason why they are incapable of sharing anything whatsoever of what allegedly a 100 people are working on.


The last time I trusted Blizzard, they announced Diablo Immoral.


I kept giving them chances for 3 years

They only managed to ruin the game and ruin my, and several others expectations each patch notes.



Would add:

  • Just let the professionals do their job


I kinda wish I could. I sooooo want to trust the developers, but they haven’t done anything of noteworthiness since the OWL Grand Finals. I can see why people are calling this a dead game, especially since the devs are treating it as such.

I am sick and tired of defending the devs for each and every single update. I am 100% sick and gosh darn tired of trying to back up their inactiveness with logic. What blizz is doing is driving their casual fanbase away. Just look at Tyrodin and Muselk, probably the most casual you can get when it came to overwatch youtubers back then. It’s not that fortnite would bring more profits, they moved to fortnite cause overwatch was doing nothing of importance.


Oof, and I wanted to support you there


honestly it would be better if they didn’t update as each time they just make things worse.


You can still support me. Just exclude that bit is all. Hey, we’re all in this community. And while we definitely won’t agree on everything, we need to understand that it’s okay. Because at the end of the day? We’re all apart of the same community. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I always say. Just because you have a difference of opinion, doesn’t mean I won’t stand by you if we agree on the vast majority of stuff. You’re still A-OK in my book, comrade.



Only a fool would trust Blizzard.


It would great if there was a roadmap. I mainly brought the game for it’s lore. Now even the lore is dead or extremely slow. I don’t care about the game PvP just me a PvE similar to TF2 MvM.


They had my trust for some time.

Sombra, Doomfist and Moira’s releases chipped away at that trust and made it a fragile frame.

Brigitte caused it to crash to the ground, and now they have a long road ahead earning it back.