Traces of Tracer: A History of the First Overwatch Hero

Traces of Tracer: A History of the First Overwatch Hero

Before you dive into issue #2 of Tracer’s titular comic, London Calling, discover more about how the most iconic character of Overwatch became who she is today.

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That face tho

also inb4 some one starts complaining to the bot about game balance or ow2
oop there it is right under me

Can you realize this is a bot now?


can you fix your game now?

I thought this was about Tracer, not Symmetra?!


Interesting typo…
“Jack Morrison, the idealistic leader of the organization, was impressed by Oxton’s skill set and determination and dispatched her an unathorized mission—her very first.”

you realize this is forums right?

  1. Reaper
  2. Widowmaker
  3. Pharah
  4. Reinhardt
  5. Mercy
  6. Torb.
  7. Hanzo
  8. Winston
  9. Zen
  10. Bastion
  11. Sym
  12. Zarya
  13. McCree
  14. 76
  15. Lucio
  16. RH
  17. JR
  18. D. Va
  19. Mei
  20. Genji
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Yes, but do you realize that is a bot and has like 0% to do with the game balance, probably still no devs around here anyways :frowning:


there going to check feedback…

what is this list supposed to be?

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3rd in each role: (excluding defense heroes)

Tank: Zarya

DPS: Pharah

Support: Sym

(Defense: Bastion)

The last time they did that was during the reddit ama

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That face looks like a witch

Tracer’s lore as a test pilot for a jet and development status as a test pilot for the game is a nice parallel I never thought of before.


I thought that is mercy and :face_with_monocle:

She is literally on the game cover


Tell that to the fanbase :woman_shrugging:

Highlighting a side topic about Tracer’s “History”: Tracer's Backstory Is Unrealistic (Edit: Only makes sense if Tracer was "Royality".)

It’s okay, it’s just two bots communicating :wink:



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