Tracer's Backstory Is Unrealistic (Edit: Only makes sense if Tracer was "Royality".)

Because it’s really really hard to become a test pilot from her known background.

From what we know… it’s like saying, “Yeah I just learned how to bike, now I can fly that military Gundam.”

Even if she knew half the higher ups and served a few years in the military…

I think it would be more likely if she stole the plane, then that she tested an experiential one.

(Edit: Look the only way this would make sense…

If Tracer was actually “Royalty”.

A direct member of the “British Royal Family”.)

In a world with talking gorillas and giant hamster engineers, is this really that unbelievable?


this is a video game not some award winning book

Yeah, trust me. Both my Sisters have connections to the Air Force.

It’s extremely a fantasy and unrealistic.


Maybe in the OW world, you can get higher up positions in a job in just a year, like a janitor can become some IT guy after a year.

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Honestly it should be even harder because of the added Omnic factor.

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Honestly it is. For her age and background it would be pretty hard. It’s a fantasy world but we’ve already seen their military hierarchy and international relations are somewhat similar to our own.

It would make far more sense if the experiment was meant to be dangerous so they chose someone “undesirable” that they could throw away like that.


“There’s no way this time-traveling jet-thing is going to work. It’d be way too dangerous! Who’d be dumb enough to test it out?”

“I don’t know. They’d have to be somebody expendable… reckless, probably pretty young… maybe British. Hmm…”


And they are in the air force in 2070?


That’s what I thought: Then they said: The Royal Air Force.

And I facepalmed.


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Look the only way this would make sense…

If Tracer was actually “Royalty”.

A direct member of the “British Royal Family”.

Overwatch is full of geniuses and prodigies. Tracer being a “hot-shot” pilot isnt unrealistic at all.

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It takes more then a genius to get into the Air Force.

You would have a easier time becoming a rocket scientist.

Just saying her being “Royal” is extremely more likely.

Enlisting in the RAF isn’t hard at all.


  • be a UK citizen or resident for 5 years
  • be between 16 and 47
  • have certain minimum education level
  • pass a physical exam
  • be in good health

I don’t see why Tracer couldn’t do all of that by 17.

(Just because it’s called the “Royal” Air Force doesn’t mean you have to be royal - that just means its sponsored by the royal family.)

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The plot holes and logic in this character still confuses me till this day

(Plus hellish military training, a Commission and Top Secret Military Clearance… and more.)

There’s a whole army filled with teenage gamers, it doesn’t matter.

Korea is different…

Let’s just say there is a reason Covid-19 didn’t stay there but “eventually” ended up in UK.

In Overwatch, I’d believe this due to its message on aptitude, and the fact that the people in OW seem to be nicer than Talon would let you believe.

Like, you can write things that are unbelievable IRL, but extremely believable in your fantasy story.