This Kiriko Nerf is Pathetic

So far, it doesn’t feel very good… :frowning:

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what option does it remove?

Barely been touched? They have literally nerfed every single part of her kit since launch. I think she’s gotten a nerf literally every single patch since the midseason patch season 1. Teleport was nerfed, suzu has been nerfed twice, healing has been nerfed, ult has been nerfed.

Cleanse shouldn’t work on sleep? What? There are only about 11 heroes in the game that even have CC of any kind.

An ability that niche has to have a secondary effect.


Deserved. You’re like those defending launch Brigette and early Valkyrie rework around here. Acting like the number of nerfs matter. Were you around for those two events?

It’s not the number but the impact of the nerfs that count. There has not been significant impact on the power and ability of Kirikos kit since her introduction.


Edit: just to fix not listing immortality field cooldown

small slap on wrist nerfs

except suzu the problem, her ult was the only big nerf and it wasn’t on level of hog or zarya nerf weve seen,

I do not like this ability however it isn’t that problematic
my main grevence with it is it is a literal get out of jail free card, and allows kiriko to push way up out of choke try and get a pick and then escape even if you jump her afterwards she has suzu so it doesn’t matter.

suzu actually was buffed once and nerfed once


also justified it was extremely broken at launch and now is still a bit too strong but by no means is at the level it used to be

then why not let zarya bubble cleanse sleep?

also it is by no means niech just because “only about 11 heroes” have CC which by the way is false 16 have CC 18 if you want to get real niech with kick and monkey however those are not really CC. Crowd Control (CC) is still quite active in this game
Stuns are existing by 5 sort of 6 heroes (Doomfist, Sigma, Roadhog, Orisa, Ana [hack is the sort of 6th it is a disruption which stops abilities however since overwatch is a game with such heavy ability emphasis a strong case can be made to group it with the other 5]) Secondly out of the 16 heroes with CC 8 are in the tank role. out of 11 tanks if they all had an even pickrate in a mystical perfect overwatch, then 8/11 times (73% of the time) suzu will have one ability it will shut down. mind you that is not including ana or ultimates

which is the last thing about suzu, imortality is on a 25 second cooldown
suzu is 14 seconds and it not only has the power to counter over 1/2 the tank roster’s key abilities but also pretty much every offensive ultimate can be completely negated by suzu with minimal timing needed.

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The bigger thing is that unless supports have some way to interact with Anti-Heal - like being able to cleanse it, provide a secondary defense method (like giving people shields/armor) or something, then Suzu’s main cleanse effect is fine and needs to exist, Anti-Heal is way more niche than a CC and I think the reason Suzu even exists.

Thing is you will have to heal bot more because you have less healing output meaning it takes longer to be done with healing. and if it was really a smart change why not just wait .15 seconds by yourself

I didn’t say that it wasn’t a nerf. Of course lowering her overall HPS is a nerf. But they intentionally nerfed her healing by increasing the recovery time, rather than lowering the healing of the ofuda, in order to encourage doing things other than just healing. If you’re just healing and doing nothing else for long stretches, you’re losing out on more value now because you have more downtime.

No, it’s not. It’s specifically to prevent a hard-focus on healing. Of course players could have waited the 0.15s on their own, but they could also choose not to and keep healing at the maximum healing rate, and that’s not the way the devs want her to play.

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So I know I’m not the only one, but personally I’m pretty bad at aiming so at least with supports I know I can be productive in healing/speed boost/damage boost etc. The nerf and the Dev Comments personally read to me as “Hey, stop healing so much and go do more damage, scrub”. Because they’re telling me what to do with a character explicitly.

I like the concept of unique characters, different roles etc, I don’t want this game to devolve into another CSGO/Valorant where it’s all about who has better aim/tactical decision making.


Yes it is which is pointless they should have nerfed or removed the ability,

In ow2 someone needs a way to interact with it because the main counter to it( tanks with abilities to block it) has been removed

No, it doesn’t. At all. The Devs LITERALLY talked about this in the patch notes. You physically CAN’T healbot more, the change FORCES you to have downtime in between healing where you can either do nothing or use Kunai’s.

Maybe it’s because I play tank I notice this, but I’m constantly waiting out ults or utils before I ult because so many supports just shut them down. Kiriko’s Suzu invulnerability is nothing new to me. The way I see it, support exists to both heal and counter-cc.

Lucio ult, Zen ult, Ana sleep and even her 'nade can shut down a push. Bap field. Y’all tend to undervalue her, but even just a Mercy’s existence can negate a tank’s impact. Suzu is just one more thing, and it brings an option that hasn’t been available in the game till then.

There’s not as much cc in the game as there used to be, which makes her the counter to those. And now with a decent Kiriko you aren’t just stuck taking whatever fate your enemies give you once you’re frozen, pinned, trapped, hooked, or anti-ed. Having a counter to all of these, in my opinion, is important. Instead of someone hitting the “I win this fight” button and there not being anything you could do about it.

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Ana, kiriko and mercy you mean.

Lucio and zenyatta can be effective switch too, but will be more situational than the former three. Bap too, but he is even more situational than lucio/zen.

Moira and brig are struggling as usual in terms of value compared to all other supports.


I think Moira is okay because of her massive healing output - I think her biotic healing spray could be adjusted since the ball is kind of unreliable most of the time. But if you get them both just right she can output a lot of healing quickly to keep tanks alive.

As for Brig, I feel like she’s been power creeped by all the ranged DPS, so her healing packs don’t feel as impactful and have a slow recharge time - and to heal without the packs she needs to hit with her mace putting her self against mostly tanks. I’m excited for her rework.

You’ve conveniently forgotten Mercy. If you play any support not named Moira, Mercy or Brig your team assumes you can play Mercy, as a result whenever she is meta playing support borderline requires I turn off all my comms.

I cannot speak for all ranks, but in Diamond if you find a Mercy on the other side you have a bout a 75% chance that your team will whine incessantly the entire game because they have to play into a pocket and don’t get one themselves.

The difficult of the tasks being asked of Mercy in order to extract optimal value is out of order with the effort/skill required to play the rest of the roster. It’s mind blowing that this is not obvious.

good. every nerf accelerates and extends the endless exodus.

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I got baited 100% by this.
Its amazing how a “nerf” like this can impact so little on the average player and yet, people make a huge deal about it.

If they remove invul and put a 1.5 sec 50% damage reduction buff or something like that, the forums will burn for sure.

Yeah…0.15 seconds is just a slight adjustment which will affect most people’s gameplay not at all.

It’s not like there’s some enormous clunky delay between your next heal, previously you had time for 2 kunai - you still do and your average player who lacks the mechanics to land these things consistently in the first place (or just doesn’t bother using them at all) will barely notice.

I do find the positioning of “more opportunity to do damage” to be a bit hilarious; what % of the player population is taking advantage of another 0.15 seconds in a meaningful way.


Seems about as impactful as the 5 bullets they gave Mercy.

If they wanted her to DPS a bit more they should have made her Kunai more consistent, right now there is more luck involved in landing shots than skill expression and its inconsistently means there are few interactions where it is not better to just spam heal on cooldown.

So…kind of like Hanzo only with no body shot damage to worry about and no OHK?