This Kiriko Nerf is Pathetic

The reason Kirikos heal-bot is because her Kunai do trash damage unless you head-shot (which is unreliable in most positions) and are a badly designed weapon for a support. It’s always been the case. Moreover heal-botting charges her ult faster and her ult is brokenly strong. Always has been. The, ‘only get value from headshots,’ design would be fine on a DPS, but Kiriko needs to be in position to heal so you can’t constantly be off-angling and flanking to get value from her weapon.

Her Kunai are horribly designed for a support. They exist to look cool in highlight reels and Top 500 play. That’s it. For most people optimal Kiriko play is taking an off-angle or flank early and going for a cheeky pick then you TP back to your team, and you do a crud-ton of healing and a little tickle-damage as well, and charge that fight-winning ult as fast as you can.

It baffles me that they designed her and did not realise this was how people would use her.


You NEEEEEEEEED to turn on Toggle Healing Ofuda man.

If you loose 15% of your healing output, would you need to take more time into healing someone up?

Would you need to be healing your tank during a team fight more (with the full heal burst) because the time between the time you use it and the next one has increased?

And saying the nerf is so to make space for shooting 2 kunai is just dumb, thats like saying people are incapable of waiting .15 seconds on there own so we did it for them, and removed the option of shooting the heal out a bit faster.

pretending like this isnt a nerf is very very off from the actual effect that it has.

This effects her ult charge rate on one of the best ults in the game, her max healing output (which was very important because of her already being needed to always hold down heal in stuff like owl and high lvl comp just to keep teams alive, And also the time between each heal set, there is now enough time for certain characters (like mcree) to shoot of 2 shots before kiriko can even send a new heal.

I could see this heavily hurting lucio kiriko compositions. Ontop of roadhog not being as viable as an option kiriko could fall of really hard, Also at the end of the day we should be buffing the support role and its impact on the outcome of the game if this is a preamble to other future support buffs / kiriko buffs (which they sounded like it was) they should of implemented them now.

Overall the role as a whole is suffering massively and i think moving them away from heal only is a good idea, but lowering there healing dosen’t just make healing not as optimal, but also take longer to finish which means less oprotunities to take angles where you have oprotunities for your damage to actualy do something. In high level there are already almost 0 off angle oprotunities with so many 1 shot characters being prevelant but this just further instates kiriko into having to spend more time with the team holding heal.

A potential solution to this is to make it so supports heal but also deal damage (like bap) withought loosing out on healing potential. The way you do this is by making it so that support players can weave in the heals whenever they want withought a down side (even if under certain conditions) rather than making every heal feel like a punishment to your dmg output, and that healing is an obligation that forces you to be tied to your team and not impact team fights in meaningful ways.


People acting like Suzu is fine are delusional. It’s insane that one support is able to have an ability that both removes all status effects and grants brief invulnerability.

But then again people like this Varean guy have no idea what they’re talking about. Brig’s repair packs give normal healing and her ult gives overhealth which isn’t affected by anti-heal.

It’s like people think her suzu is only meant to counter anti-heal nade, yet her suzu can full counter most offensive ults/abilities in the game and it ruins the fun in playing a lot of heroes.

Get a huge Rampage with junker queen and it immediately gets cleansed and now you got 0 ult value and put yourself in a bad position because someone picked kiriko and pressed E while looking at the floor

Though I also think they should revert the anti-heal duration change. I never saw a single person asking for that to be longer and it’s really been screwing me up


doesnt the change incentivize weaving in kunai? you have more time to aim/throw between the heals. I do agree with buffing her kunai projectile speed though

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Just played a few games with her to try out the changes. She feels awful to play now. She feels extremely clunky to play. Might be a good time to take a break from the game until season 3.


always wondered why they couldn’t put patch notes right in the game menu.

It’s not like bap weaving though. With such a head shot dependent hero, I’m mostly just healing like I normally would, and trying to flick a dagger or two between.

Bap has AoE healing and fires in short bursts. It’s much more natural to heal shoot heal shoot. Bap also doesn’t shoot projectiles. It’s like apples and oranges.


I just completely disagree. just because you can more consistently deal damage with bap doesnt mean kiriko’s weaving is all that different. also kiriko’s burst damage is more rewarding than baps so it being less consistent is a fair trade off. more time in between her heals is more time to line up the shot instead of just vaguely shooting into the team fight.

Tbh if all you’re doing with Kiriko is healbotting and you can’t time Suzu, you may get better results as healbot Moira.

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You could just do it by yourself anyways. it just removes an option that players had.

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This is such a bad take OP…

People don’t healbot with her because they want to or because it’s fun, they do it because her healbot playstyle is the most viable playstyle and farms her ult the fastest. That’s unengaging, boring gameplay.

I’m literally a Mercy main who likes healbotting on Mercy, and I find it boring as all heck on Kiriko because all you do is spam heal on people and hardly even get to shoot. It’s like healbot Mercy minus the fun GA movement. zzz :sleeping: But that was, unfortunately, until this patch, the viable and necessary Kiriko playstyle. To healbot spam ofudas on repeat.

This is literally one of the SMARTEST changes the Devs have made in a while as it nerfs something that was too strong on her (her healing output) and makes her viable playstyle more fun and interesting by not just encouraging but ALLOWING you to play her optimally while still shooting out Kunais.

I wish this community would use their brains to think sometimes instead of being so reactionary.

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…I doubt metal ranks are doing this tbh…? They likely spam heals and then spam attacks while waiting for recharge…? :thinking:

Sadly yeah. She has only been moderately acceptable because of sojourn. The moment that sojourns rail beam damage is touched her viability drops back to nothing. the charge change may make an effect on high end play but for most players the sojourn mercy combo is still going to be just as good as it was before this patch so for now I suspect she will continue to see some play.

I mean…not really. It literally can’t be just as good. The amount of time it will take Soj to charge shots with a Mercy pocket has been significantly nerfed and so has her base damage in general.

If anything I think it will only really still be a strong combo on the higher end bc high rank players actually land headshots consistently

The problem has far more to do with how much damage her rail beam does with boost than anything else. You are making the mistake of trying to take pro level play and adjust it to every rank. Fact is lower ranks aren’t hitting shots like pros do where the extra charge leads to significantly more rail beams. Having one or two less rail beams wont be as game changing for lower ranks. High end will likely see the lack of more rail beams a problem as it lowers her consistency and look for whatever dps is more consistent because consistency is the name of the game the higher up you are.

edit: also her base damage was not touched at all, the primary reason I dont suspect we will see much change for lower ranks. All that changed is how often she will have the rail beam, the damage of her primary and alt fire was not changed.

Primary fire was reduced from 10 → 9. Before charge rate was a percentage of damage done. Now it’s a flat 5. Before headshots would offer like 13 charge or something. Damage boosted shots more charge, etc. That said, charge rate should still be pretty decent.

Fair enough re reading the patch notes I see I missed the 10-9 change, though I don’t think 1 damage less is enough of a change to be frank.

Neither do I. Especially with her railgun damage untouched.

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Suzu is a major problem her ult is also a bit too strong but unless she stays hard meta then it can stay as is, she has barely been touched since launch and is by far the most powerful support and one of the heroes since launch.

I have heavy perosnal frustrations against her tp as it is a get out of jail free card
however, the main problem is suzu. It shouldn’t give immortality and shouldn’t cleanse sleep (because why doesn’t zarya bubbles, also sleep shouldn’t exist but that’s a different conversation for a different hero) the reason hog was so picked was 1 because of sojurne 2 he countered monkey and 3 kiriko enables him so much. We saw in these patch notes nothing has changed from overwatch 1, the tanks get gutted and everyone else gets slaps on the wrist