How is anyone surprised? Like, seriously

there are a lot of smaller streamers on the list though

But they could have made it so anyone streaming Overwatch is valid to support. This practically kills any streamer not on the list for nearly a month.

they need to limit people because there are some genuinely terrible people that stream overwatch

And no money from those terrible people goes to Blizzard.

ok but those people regularly break blizzards tos so why would they want to encourage people to gift subs to get an in game cosmetic to those people

You really do be a bootlicker lol.
Blizzard suddenly flipping the switch on how cosmetics are earned is no different to the abomination that was Halo Infinite’s battlepass system. The only skin that you were forced to pay for in order to earn in OW1 was the Mercy cancer charity skin, which is acceptable because you know, charity. This Support-A-Creator is not charity, and is likely to continue and result in more skins locked behind paywalls.

Then Blizzard should just ban these people.

they do get banned

and if someone wants the skin what’s the cost you say?
give me a dollar amount $$$$$$$

3 gifted subs is $15 dollars, pretty average for a in-game cosmetic.

they are making us pay for advertisment
that’s it

There’s tons of genuinely nice people who stream Overwatch who could actually use the extra help, and they can’t get the time of day from Blizzard.

AndyB already said they are looking for ways to expand the list next time around. Since there will be similar events in the future. Or maybe a the same goal of marketing with a different method.

Look at it this way, Beta #1, they had about 30 streamers.

Beta #2 they have a list of 150 streamers.

Maybe the next one is 300 streamers or larger.

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

Here ya go. This event is basically a trial run, and they did a lot of the signups in secret. If this goes well, they can formalize it into a much bigger recurring marketing thing.

They keep saying the same things and then doing the same things. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Andy why is that? Because the game is actually not good at the moment.

make a good game and the streamers will be racing to promote it.

Are you back on that “Overwatch devs should be spending zero dollars on marketing” routine again?

Funny thing to say considering it is the players, not OW that is making the spending on marketing.

Would it be at all functionally different if you bought the skin directly from Blizzard, and they gave the dollars to a random streamer but you had the option of dedicating it to a streamer?