This is for the MVP on the forum

You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine. It is simply that easy.

Yup. And not all opinions are valid, credible or worthy of respect. That’s also simple.

Burden of proof lies with accusers is also simple.

Simple. Simple. Simple


They are just trying to play armchair intellectual about something that doesn’t really matter. And failing miserably. Look how hard they are trying to get into your head… lol

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Literally just google burden of proof. It’s a literal concept that I did not invent. It’s one of the basis of the US legal system and other countries.


Just read it all, that mural looks :fire:

Getting me a portal pass for next year it seems.

Can everyone take their law degree and symatics coversation somewhere else?

how about how wyoming lives in colorado and not cali

I would be amazed by that but my American education rememinded me that I have no idea where Colorado or Wyoming even is.

colorado is middle-ish of the country and Wyoming is…near montana?

You get a like solely for the Princess Bride gif.

…until you explode into two zerglings named “Fix” and “Auto”.

Wait, which one is the red one?

that would be wyoming, with colorado being just under it

This is public on my Twitter for years now so I feel safe to share it. I do want to stress though that the MVP program itself, aside from the fancy green text, really is not about rewards, but is about people trying to make all of Blizzard games fun for everyone.


I learned my 50 states from my cartoons rather than at school. Which wasn’t a great way to learn geography. I’m not even kidding.


That’s awesome, now I want to be a MVP.

Also do you have an 4K camera!? On mobile and accidentally zoomed and it was detailed af.

I live in Wyoming, work in Colorado, and vacation in California.


That’s pretty cool!

Google Pixel (original). Still have it.

well…phooy…also arent you a lucky one

ah…still doesnt beat the world song