This is for the MVP on the forum

This is true though, I did make a mistake, but one that I thought I had thoroughly investigated. I would point out though that I was the one who stepped forward and asked the Dev team on the forums for the clarification, and they did correct me (and I am appreciative of that).


Honestly that’s not your mistake, that’s on the devs.
If you ask me, that is.


Also I have a tech question, I have been posting on the forums since launch. Hell the first month overwatch was launched I had the most playtime on tracer in the world and loved talking about it. But when I changed my name to MrFeelNice. The history cleared.

“Burden of proof” is the name of a societal concept. It is not a literal burden.

You have complained multiple times that you have received pushback against your accusation, which is a natural consequence of violating a social norm that’s so well established it’s baked into our legal system.


Yeah, that is how the website works, it treats it like a new account. I know because I changed this account’s BattleTag (before I became a forum MVP) twice.

I don’t know that I complained, I am pretty sure I just reasserted that my opinion wasn’t going to change because some rando on the internet told me my opinion is wrong. But I guess perception is everything, when you’re dead wrong on all counts.

So I was right in that it isn’t real and it’s just a concept, a construct, that I didn’t even come up with, that you’re trying to force upon me.

Right. Have a nice day.


Darn, while some I liked disappeared I am sad I lost that first months posts :cry:

And I support this from my little corner.

Don’t take this as me criticizing you personally, or at all, I just had a “problem” that their word will be taken as fact, even if it’s not true, and mainly because the title in combination with the green makes them seem like official employees.

If you join Blizzard, hit me up with Blizzard Starbucks cake. :eyes:

That is VERY good to know.

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I am not aware of any exclusive pastries at their Starbucks… only the hidden drinks menu like the Zerg Rush Frappucino (which is tasty).

Google Photos


I am going to keep asking questions since they can be answered kinda quick on this. (Feel free to not answer if I annoy you :laughing:)

Do you know if blizzard is going to let out a stat sheet again any time soon? I liked seeing those.

Edit: like game stats. Hero stats, win loss ratios?

As in the devs posting facts about the current state of the game? That is definitely outside of my realm, so I can’t answer that.

This doesn’t sound like just restating your opinion to me.

Neither does this. Those look swipes and complaints.

All societal manners are social constructs thrust upon us by society. This particular social constructs though is so solid that it’s baked into our legal system and affects humanity’s views on justice.

It applies to you whether or not you agree with or like it. And I’m not the one that placed it on you, nor is anyone alive today responsible. This concept goes back hundreds of years.

If you don’t want to subscribe to it. That’s fine. You are entitled to that opinion. But you should be aware that getting pushback on your opinions that you didn’t enjoy reading are the least of the possible consequences of ignoring it.


I don’t know that you know what a complaint is. I see no complaints there. Do you know the textbook definition of a complaint? Have you complained before? Have you ever received one? Before you answer, you should know, those were rhetorical questions. I feel like it’s paramount that I clarify that.

I didn’t read much more beyond the parts you quoted me in; they were the only good parts. You seem incredibly invested in this conversation. I assumed you’d realize a while ago that I’m not. I don’t care about how you feel about societal norms. They do not apply in this space, where there is no one to enforce it.

Feel free to respond. I won’t be, nor will I be reading any dragged out, contrived exposition you have to offer. I need to go make some dinner. Again, have a nice day.


Their Starbucks needs a buff then. They need the cake that Hanzo bought in the Reflections comic.

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Oh, got it. My fault

Hopefully last question:

What’s blizzcon like, I live on the other side of the country so it’s hard for me make it there but I like watching reactions to trailers like the diablo 4 and ow2 and wow SL. Does it seem more amazing when you are sitting there? Because I got goosebumps just from my tv.

you simply cannot read lmao

That’s pretty obviously a complaint. You are expressing your dissatisfaction (using sarcasm) with people trying to change your mind in that post. And expressing your dissatisfaction is literally the dictionary defintion of complaining.

But this tells me a lot about the credibility of your claims. If you can’t correctly define complaining, don’t want to read posts that contain information that runs contrary to your opinion, don’t want to include proof, etc. Then I’m left to assume that your just being defamatory for the sake of it.


Feel free to ask me anything, I just can’t promise an answer. If you are looking for information about Overwatch itself, my knowledge is mostly limited to all known public facts released by Blizzard (or just presented in the game itself). In fact I maintain an archive here on the forums (which was recently updated) for everyone’s benefit to this purpose.

For that, I encourage you to check out my BlizzCon blog post thread.

Have you ever gotten any nice swag from doing this that you’re free to show us or tell us about?

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