This is for the MVP on the forum

Sorry to bother you but I was just trying to figure out exactly where your lined up on blizzard. Like do you work for them or are you just a avid fan. If you’re a fan then does blizzard inform you on some things or are you just well knowledged? Also how many are there more because the only one I’ve seen or at least noticed is WyomingMyst (no offense to any others)

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forum mvps do not work for blizzard iirc

i know you weren’t asking me but im giving you the best answer i can give


We have no way to confirm or deny this.

My opinion is they work for Blizzard. Until I see tax documents that say otherwise I will continue to believe this.

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Same here.

I didn’t even know there were anymore, I thought WyomingMyst was the only almighty chosen one!

Lul I don’t know either. All I’ve ever seen is him.

They are just very active and WyomingMist helped a lot in the tech issue section I think. They were also active in other Blizzard forums not just the OW one.

just in case anybody needed a refresher

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I never knew this even existed, I guess being on the Starcraft forums I wouldn’t know haha

P.s.: not talking the game down just never been on their forums.

It wouldn’t be weird, other games do volunteer forum people. It’s cheaper than paying someone to be that active.

I didn’t think it was weird, I was more just curious. Never been on any other games forums before or after this one.

Forum MVPs are not Blizzard representatives. Learn more here:

Avid fan of Overwatch, but I play all Blizzard games.

I am sometimes entitled to information which I must keep confidential (which helps me in my role as a Customer Service/Tech Support MVP) but nothing about game leaks or anything like that. When it comes to learning about Overwatch itself, I usually learn it just as fast as all of you.

I crazy post on the Overwatch forums, (I also post frequently on the BlizzCon forums to help others with preparing for the convention, but have stopped for now since the convention is done.) There is Nicole, who is equally (if not more) knowledgable about Overwatch tech issues, but she likes to strictly stay focused on tech support. Overwatch has no “community” MVP program like that of World of Warcraft, otherwise, I would more likely be a Community MVP and not a Tech Support MVP.


I just provided a link that explains more about MVPs, we do not work for Blizzard.

I was replying to Natorian, sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Because Blizzard said so…ya, I will hold on to my opinion thank you very much.


I think there’s at least 2 “mvps”. They get recognition for being very active members that consistently contribute a lot of constructive, positive/thoughtful and helpful stuffs.

No that was my fault, didn’t see the reply icon. I’m on mobile and it’s really small.

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For the Customer Service/Tech Support group, there is about 20 of us. I don’t know how many participate in the World of Warcraft Community MVP program.

If I can ask another question. Do you have to change profiles if you want to make a personal response or post or do you have to just keep something like that to yourself?

I keep to this account, and I do express my opinion greatly (very much so today to be honest).

I have only one other Blizzard account and it is strictly used for testing purposes (when I need to be logged on and use both accounts at the same time for things like Custom Games). It has never seen a minute of quick play.