This game makes me so mad 🤬

on low ranks maybe. but not starting with high gold in general.

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Why not play paladins, valorant and/or COD? Those games are much better and less frustrating to play. Until OW2 comes out, they will not be ever vigilant for this game.

Play something else then? All these things happen to me too but I still enjoy the game.

I can play with you to have 1 less bad teammate.

This is what has happened today:

  • I played McCree today and felt like I was a professional player.
    Every shot was a hit, no unregistered shots, sometimes I could hardly believe how many head shots I gave to other players.

  • My teammates were very friendly today, we could even coordinate and do things like flash+hook or halt+hook combinations. Once we even played Pirate Ship on junkertown, lol. The enemy team did not stand a chance.

It feels good to butcher newbs and T-Bag them. GGEZ

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to always have a barrier tank? But never fight against doublebarrier.
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

Perhaps a bit less oneshot spam?
✅ What if Damage Boosts didn't

I hope you’re joking…

I mean at least she could hit things, but it wasn’t worth the deaths we all had to endure…I also don’t know whether or not you’re asking me that question or if it’s addressed to OP - Either way, I’m a Support/DPS main.

People who don’t like playing support should stop playing support.


That is so untrue…


The time before Overwatch existed would like to talk…

You said it yourself.
Supports are not slaves.
Only the ones who wish to be.

It somehow feels even more insulting when you get ultra-steamrolled and match is over in 2 min, and all six enemies simultaneously type “gg” “GG hehe uwu nice match~!!!”


I get upset when people call me out as a scapegoat. They’ll call me trash because we lose a quick play game and just because my account level is over 2500 so I get singled out.

I don’t even say anything throughout the game, I haven’t perform relatively badly, often have all the golds in the match. It’s like people think I’m going to automatically carry them just because of my level. All I did was boredly grind a bunch of exp to pass my free time while multi tasking. They think time spent must equal effort but its just repetition.

Ironically, I check their profiles, with less over all hours they still clock in 15-20 total seasons of ranked play with only 10-20 games each season, yet they remain consistent in their ranks, often platinum or barely diamond. It’s just quite stupidly hypocritical because I know that their best efforts in competitive gets no where, and if they had my free time they would probably still never climb. At least I climbed when I was playing competitive 2 year ago (I quit it forever ago).

I mean that is good advice, don’t just spam your self heal.

Why would I be trolling :confused:

I mean, that’s annoying true. But I just hate it when people type ggez. It’s basically spitting on your enemy team, purposely being a jerk.

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How can I spam an ability which has a 15 second cooldown…? It’s not good advice. The enemy won’t wait 15 seconds just so I can have a self heal handy when there are healers who should be keeping the team alive.

Honestly, I don’t know :+1: :rofl:

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I meant, why do you think this is a troll thread? xD

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I know, and I can’t even remember why I said that. I was probably feeling a little skeptical yesterday lol :point_up: :crazy_face:

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Today I just carried team after team begging me for a barrier. I offered them a deal, “if you can take gold damage, I will swap to Rein.” I, of course, never intended to change, but I realistically did not need to worry about anyone taking gold either. So I was true to my word as the Hook Elder God.

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If you read between the lines in a recent dev interview, they said we’re basically welcome to uninstall.

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