This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


Ok forget 2-2-2.
How about, 1-1-1 and 3 flex?
How about only limiting supports and tanks to a maximum of two per team?

I like these ideas better been tweaking the game and heroes in a million ways to see what works. And in the end it may not work and goats could still be run. Like the changes that have gone through already and have not killed goats.
Also destroying Heroes just because of a composition is not the right way to go.


You certainly did: since tanking and healing efforts mitigate killing, you cannot simply expect that “more experience means more kills” when your opponents and counters are gaining the same experience. What experience means is getting better at the game, but since it is competitive that does not naturally translate into more wins or more kills.


A hero requirement addresses things imo



Not even close. He’s in every meta. Every single one. Discord is too strong for pro play.

For ladder he’s ok because communication isn’t the same


Because sometimes a win doesn’t require a tank or a support at all. It DEFINITELY helps, but forcing people to play a role they’re not comfortable with basically means they’re soft throwing without even trying to. It’s a bad idea that will cause a lot of stress and turmoil for players who don’t flex well. You don’t want to further alienate players from a game that is already bleeding some of its player base.


You’re joking right, I can’t get more than 1 tank and 1 support in most of my games (me being the support) and you want to limit supports and tanks because the Pro’s are playing GOATS.

The solution is 2-2-2, it just is.

edit: Goats works because when you stack these heroes their weaknesses are masked by the strengths of the other 3. They killed hero stacking when that could not be balanced it’s time for them to kill the stacking of dps/tank/support classes as well in the name of balance.


There is way less healing going on in Goats than there is in 222. The lack of a main healer really reduces heals.

The reason DPS can’t do damage to Goats is because they die too easily to it. Dva and Lucio keep you from doing damage at range and close up, Reinhardt, Zarya, and Dva are more damaging than most DPS are.


“This will get rid of GOATs”
“This will get rid of Dive”
“This will get rid of Pirate Ship”
“This will get rid of Deathball”
“This will get rid of Anti-Dive”
“This will get rid of Pick comp”
“This will get rid of Beyblade”
“This will get rid of Nanoblade”
“This will get rid of Orisa-Hog”

…ugh. Why do some hate a specific comp so much that they want to see it deleted entirely from the game? It needs counters. People are angry because they feel like they have no viable counters to it. Let’s not mix up our emotions and chant for the removal of GOATs when buffing/creating counters to it would be far better for the game.

Most people that say Brig needs to be ‘balanced properly’ just means they want her reworked because they hate her playstyle. DVA is weak to beam heroes. Brigitte would be weak to a future hero that may counter armor and (alongside Reinhardt) would be weak to a hero that penetrates barriers.

That would be a messy system. Your ally would be a detriment to you and you’d get no value out of your hero as long as you are near each other. It would be like running two Lucios in Mystery Heroes. If both of you are healing then one of you is doing nothing.

I know it is hard for players to see and maybe that is why there is silence but really…

  • Introduce a hero that can create a field that denies healing or even slows enemies = detriment to GOATs.
  • Introduce a support that can buff allies with Armor negating/molten bullets for a temporary amount of time = detriment to GOATs
  • Torbjorn’s main gun having molten characteristic like his ult to do extra damage to armored targets = detriment to GOATs
  • Introduce a hero with barrier penetrating primary fire = detriment to GOATs/Barrier comps
  • Buff Orisa, Symmetra and Bastion = detriment to GOATs

Drastic bandaid fixes/nerfs seems like as bad of an option as “revert overwatch to 2016” “delete all post heroes” threads.


Just enforce 1-1-1. Case Closed.


Okay read what you just typed carefully.
“Forcing a person to play a role they are not comfortable with a soft throwing” I agree 1000% with this.
I mainly play DPS. I am not comfortable flexing to support or tanks because I’m not good at them so I’m basically soft throwing whenever I flex to these Heroes.
Guess what I’ve been doing the last few months in competitive play?
I’ve been soft throwing on Heroes I do not play my best at. Because people want to run goats 24/7 and if I don’t agree with it then I get reported or flamed.
That is why a role q is needed at least a soft role Q.
If a role queue is implemented and we have a 2-2-2 or whatever else, then you wouldn’t have to flex and soft throw on Heroes you are bad at.
You could play the heroes you are comfortable with and play at your highest level all the time.
Right now a whole class of Heroes (dps) isn’t even played or viable.
This shouldn’t be the case and that’s why there needs to be changes to the hero stacking of supports and tanks.


Reading this nonsense constantly is why so many people are just jumping on Apex Legends.

You all want this to be a generic fps so bad because you can’t handle all the different aspects of the game. Not even pro players can as visible by no one ever swapping characters which was supposed to be a big part of the game.

Like literally reading 1 ability not even a character an ability is breaking a format that sucks.


The support class was GIVEN more success as a handout in the form of buffs–at the expense of another class whose skills were now made moot.

Supports are overly powerful and impactful now. Reduce their power level down to that of DPS so everyone has a fair chance to succeed at the game.

If this can somehow be achieved without a straight nerf to healing, then I’m all for that option though.


Look, nobody is arguing that tanks or healers shouldn’t be in the game.

But right now, one role is so bad and useless it isn’t played at the top level. You’d be livid if it was tanks or supports. Why is it ok because it’s DPS?


He is atleast one of them.
He is not in anyway op.


Firstly, deleting Brig is not going to happen, please get over it. Secondly, even if the devs were crazy enough to do that, once we get another AOE off-support, the problem is just going to come back.


The majority of the people do not play at top level.

Whenever Lucio was a glorified taxi in GM/Top 500/pro, I went “aww” for a second and went on about my day. So if GM/Top 500/pro play didn’t have supports in its comp, I probably wouldn’t give a damn. Because I range from gold to plat. It’s a free-for-all mess down here. Why am I obligated to care for a meta I will literally never be in nor be affected by?


First of all, if you’re not a tank or support, you are literally playing badly.

Secondly, don’t you ever want to improve? I mean, pro is unreasonable. But you might conceavably make masters or GM.

It also ruins OWL as a spectator sport.


Honestly, you’re deluding yourself if you seriously think that Goats is being cause solely because of healing. Zarya and Dva are both known for doing about as much damage as dps do, and their huge health pools make them more sustainable, thus favorable to have in this particular lineup over dps. So while aoe heal-stacking may be part of the problem, pretending that tanks / tank damage isn’t as well is just foolish.


There is no other must pick like him. Dps tank or support. His discord is op when the team behave as a unit. A team wide mercy boost at zero cost to zen is op


So teamwork is OP I guess.