This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


Is he, really? I don’t think so. Lucio has decent abilities with trade-offs. You can tweak some numbers back and forth, sure, but Brigitte and all that jazz were stacked ontop of characters like him, causing this mess with oversaturation of aoe-healing, damage, cc, etc.


Haha, it’s funny because that is literally what the devs made scatter arrow for :joy:

I love Storm Arrows but I want to see how things would shift if Hanzo had scatter + lunge + faster projectile speed.

Now, about GOATs… I feel like the way to change these metas are to introduce new mechanics/heroes. GOATs is an okay composition and it shouldn’t “be deleted” or whatever. It just needs counters.

BOSS comp is pretty good but Symmetra, Orisa and Bastion aren’t exactly meta (though I hear Sym has been used a bit in OWL so far) and it takes a lot of convincing to get teammates to try and run it. Buffing those heroes may add some counterplay so that GOATs stays viable but can be beaten.

When it comes to “healing being a problem,” I feel like we should look forward to mechanics that may change that rather than sledgehammering down a whole category. That is why I think dev balance updates take a while - they know they have 6 other heroes incoming and each of them has some broken ability.

Originally, I wanted Ana to have more anti-heal and less healing. Maybe be a utility healer that does less burst healing but has more resources/nades to apply anti heal. That doesn’t seem to be the role they want her to fill though (and the forums felt like more aim = more heals).

Maybe a future hero will bring that type of game changing utility (or something else like slowing down cooldowns) to help teams counter strategies like that.


I accepted it long ago, and people called me crazy. Healing…is killing…Overwatch. Why? Because when people invest time in a game, they expect a return on that investment.

DPS players have dumped hundreds of hours into mastering their heroes. It’s only fair for all that hard work to be rewarded with growing success, but that’s not what’s happening. After all the healing buffs, many DPS mains are experiencing reduced stats and success—even despite that their actual skill has improved.

If Overwatch is no longer a fair competitive environment that rewards practice and discipline, then people will gravitate to a game that is. With DPS players comprising more than half the playerbase, this has detrimental financial implications for Blizzard.

Nerf the healing. Or watch Overwatch die.


Reason: support mains are overrepresented on the forums.


i always thought it was the area healing? brig can heal a butt los but i mean when she’s doing damge she’s healing her team, and with lucio also healing it simply makes it hard to kill anyone if their constantly full health.

sadly we can’t remove her healing tho bc if you were to replace her area healing with something else, the next hero with area healing will easily replace brig and boom goats is back. there really isn’t a way to fully change goats, except to make a temporarily fix it


I don’t get why they haven’t at least tried nerfing heal stacking. Just to throw some random numbers out, say you receive 100% from one heal, 90% from each if two are on you, 80% of each with three, and so on.

This way, no individual healer gets nerfed by themselves. And it would have the most effect at high ranks, where coordination is high and GOATS is run. Lower ranks, being less coordinated, would see less, if any, effect


Zarya is the #1 damage dealer in GM, meaning, as a tank, she is beating all 16 DPS with a large health pool, defensive abilities, and probably the best ult in the game. I think she would like to have a word with you.

Things definitely do die in goats and fights do not last as nearly as long as people claim. In one of my comp games as Ana, we went against goats and trashed each of their pushes until the final push. The tanks definitely do plenty of damage to secure kills, even in triple tank.

A mixture of tanks doing too much damage and AoE heal stacking, as well as Lucio’s speed boost, are some of the largest problems of goats. Each make up for weaknesses they would have without each other.


It’s not that tanks get too much healing in brig 3 supp. The issue is the supports are unkillable


Mercy is the only support in the game with 5 or less deaths on average per match… what do you mean…


The supports as a role aren’t OP. It is just Brigitte. Because she makes a 3 support backline too hard to kill


In triple support, yes, they’re very hard to kill, but their innate ability to be killed is not the problem. It’s only when healing gets stacked with 3 supports. Make them easier to kill in triple support metas and you basically ENFORCE triple support because they will actually be dead for the entire match in 2 or less support comps.


Too much anime, my friend.


We are talking about the meta. The pros demonstrate game balance to the rest of us because they get the most out of what is broken.

Zarya has no range. Rein zar in 2-2-2 are weaker than monkey dva in 2-2-2 because mobility and disengage is stronger than brawl damage.

The issue is that nothing can kill anything through brig triple support healing.


Okay, if it takes 3 supports to keep one alive, it still isn’t showing that healing is an issue. If anything, if it’s taking 3 supports to keep one alive it indicates healing is too weak.


It means their self defense is unreliable in 1v1 situations. Not that healing is too weak.

As a support main, I can tell you that healing has had too much of a power creep, especially in Ana and Lucio, these past few months that healing is currently too powerful. But it can’t be nerfed due to goats because goats would thrive even more versus DPS comps that can’t stay alive.


Other than, you know, needing the healing of 3 supports to keep one support alive when they’re being attacked.


What is broken is that triple support exists at all. And it can only exist with Brigitte. Any other 3 supp backline and you would just dive and kill them.

Brig has sustained aoe healing and the best burst heal in the game and is the tankiest hero in the game. You can’t kill her first but if you try to kill zen or lucio first they just get armor packed. It’s broken


I disagree with that. Supports are only hard to kill if they have a team actually playing around them. A team supporting their support is actually quite rare… I think everyone needs to sit back and think about a 1v1 with a support. Sure, I think Brig will give you a little difficulty in executing her; however, 1v1 with any other support and I highly doubt you’ll struggle. Supports by themselves are not an issue, thus, nerf or changes to them are really hard to justify.


You don’t. But 3 low healing AoE healers, yes. 30 HPS from two off-healers trying to save another off-healer isn’t going to do crap. No duh.

Give that other support an Ana or Mercy and they’re fine.


Yeah, you combine damage mitigation with healing and that’s why people aren’t dying. Tanks are just as strong as most dps right now but also can peel, stop kills, and have better ults than most dps (bye pharah/torb/symmetra)