This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


The only way to fix goats is delete or rework Brigitte.

The issue is that the devs are trying to balance OWL with mercy mains. They created Moira so mercy mains could 1 v 1 genji without being good at the game. They created Brigitte so that mercy mains could 1 v 1 tracer without being good at the game. And now the game is broken.


People refuse to accept that the issue is the abuse of same role stacking. Especially tanks and Healers that compliment each other.
Take away being able to stack 3 healers and 3 tanks, and goats is dead.
Limit to 2 supports and 2 tanks Max per team.
Goats cant be killed by nerfing 1 hero. Or even nerfing and buffing a million Heroes.
They’ve been doing this and it does not work goats is still alive.
The only way to kill goats is by making one change. Just one change.
Don’t let support and tanks stack more than two.


I’m for reworking Brig into a more supportive tank, but she loses more of her supportive capabilities in favor for being a tank.


I think you mean only. Or best of two, at most.

So, again, it isn’t healing that’s too strong. For the record, the whole reason GOATs is a thing is because Rein is objectively the best hero to kill Brig with. Nothing she does will kill him faster than he kills her.


So what if we have a DPS Moira. How do I heal the team without going a third healer?


This gets rid of expression and that’s what Blizzard doesn’t want. They want you to have the freedom to choose whatever comp you want.

But if you remove AoE heal stacking by only allowing the strongest AoE heal to take president, that would hurt the synergy between Brig and Lucio a lot making goats less reliable.


Correct. This is exactly why people prefer to not have a Mercy for example in their games. She doesn’t offer much utility outside of occasional damage boosts and rezzes but these utilities she offers pale in comparison to all other supports available utilities.


Doing this kind of nerfs would make the heroes weak and useless outside of a composition that isn’t goats.


Then remove damage stacking, because if you’re going to stop two healers from healing a target then you’d better stop two damage dealers from damaging a target.


Why would you run Lucio/Brig together outside of goats anyway? In a 2-2-2 setting, that isn’t going to work well if the enemy team has half a brain.


We can remove DPS stacking when any DPS get an AoE damage of an area just for existing. How about that? :slight_smile:


This forum refuses to accept that the fact that a big portion of the DPS are UP as the game´s issue


It is fine that triple support exists. I don’t see why people feel like GOATs shouldn’t be an option.

What you want is a counter to use when triple support comes into play. I already mentioned one option they didn’t take…

That aside, I feel like it would be better to concept some ideas that can counter GOATs rather than destroy GOATs altogether. Just wanting to nerf a category to fix “that comp I don’t like” just sounds like raging rather than game design.


Because you guys are talking about limiting the game with implementing a 2-2-2 or the very least limiting stacking more than two of the support and tanks.
I don’t think any two healers should not work with each other.
If teams want to run two off healers , of course it’s not going to be as viable is running a main healer in an off healer , but it should work in some situations.
The way you are suggesting certain Heroes to be nerfed basically renders them useless outside of a goats or 3 support 3 tank composition.

This isn’t the way to go.
The game and heroes dont need a million tweaks in order to get rid of goats.
It just needs one change.
Limit tanks and supports to a maximum of two per team.


So Ashe, Mei, Torb, Splash damage in general, Genji. You know, heroes who consistently deal damage to multiple targets at the same time with impunity?

You’re making healers so much weaker by not allowing three healers to heal one target being focused, without introducing anything of the kind for DPS. That’s a bad solution.


I don’t think that I disagree with the overall thrust of this thread, but I have to say this is either some world tier trolling or world tier lack of perspective and insight. Only DPS players should be rewarded for their effort, time investment and practice? Really? Do the rest just exist for their amusement?


If healing really were the most important element of goats, why doesn’t the other team simply go Ana? Healing is a huge part, absolutely, but when combined with the damage mitigation of 3 separate tanks, and the added mobility from Lucio, that is when you truly get a team comp.


If the problem was healing, then triple dps/support comps would also be viable. They aren’t.


Just because you weaken two AoE heals on each other doesn’t mean they don’t work together. Nor am I asking for 2-2-2, as I said above, it isn’t the way to go.

As for AoE heal stacking, this would only affect Lucio and Brig together. That’s it. And Zen if he ults because then Lucio and Brig would do 0 healing to targets in Trans. That’s it.

Mercy would still pair with Zen because neither heals are AoE (outside of Valk, so Valk would take president over Lucio’s amp for example, but not Mercy’s standard healing. Those would still stack).

I’m just offering a solution outside of implementing anything else into the game that better soft counters than what we already have.

I’m perfectly okay with never implementing that AoE heal thing if there is a way to reduce the synergy of goats without it. It’s just one idea of hundreds.


Because Ana, unlike brig, is easy to counter. So it isn’t viable because the other team can just send dva at her

It’s funny. They nerfed Ana because she could 1 v 1 flankers. And then they created brig instead.