This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


It’s more about her ability to burst heal lucio and zen and keep them alive. You can’t focus brig because she’s brig and has an orb and lucio aura. You can’t focus lucio or zen because of armor pack.

Tanks get melted. They have giant hit boxes. Kill their supports and they’re just ult chsrge.

If you can’t kill the supports tho, you can’t kill anything.


Just bring back scatter arrow plsss don’t eat me alive for this.


Its not a strong healing.
The have healing boosts and Armor pack, thats the key.

With enough Hp and damage mitigation (Rein shield, Zarya bubble and Dva matrix) you can just use clutch skills to close the gap and smash people in the face with close to no retaliation being possible.

Nerfing healing stack won’t do anything to GOATS. There are already comps with Moira (for stronger AoE healing) and Zen (for more damage and less healing). They are just as effective, if not more.



That’s just not true. Think about what I’m saying.

Tanks aren’t doing more damage than dps.

No one is securing kills. At all. Not tanks not dps not supports.

The only time things die is when they grav+bomb


But it is, did you watch GOATS mirror matches on OWL ?

What DPS mate? theres none in a GOATS mirror match

Its way harder, you have to attack the non armored target that is not covered by the shield and prevent any Rein/Zarya to peel. If you have a discorded target (lucio, brig, zen) that hero explodes under Dva fire + Rein slap + Charged Zarya beam (thats around 300DPS).

Thats if you are very very very skilled and aware of the CDs and basically a top 1% of the top 1%.


i think healer damage is a bigger problem in current GOATS.

the 3 support stack right now is all about damage. lucio doesn’t have to think about healing, he just plays heal song and spams left click, zen puts and orb and forgets until someone else needs it, then he discords and shoots volleys. brig is just a crap charaxter that does everything. she in to stun apply front line pressure and peel and mindless heal. all 3 healers in this comp dont have to actively heal, their main focus is damage


So this isn’t a “Healing is the issue” thread, but is actually just another “Nerf Brig she’s OP!” Thread.

Darn, thought we were past this by now.


Could armor use a healing speed reduction and armor could take up more space on the health bar but overall health be reduced to compensate?


Zen and lucio are the big problems, especially zens DPS ability… can replace and outperform most DPS, beyond stupid design.


Brigitte used to have a 155 spike damage combo that pretty much made her as good at getting picks as any other DPS. That is why Shield Bash got nerfed from 50 damage to 5. She was clearly doing too much damage for a Hero that is supposed to be a “Support Tank Hybrid”.


People said DeleteBrig a long time ago and we all thought they were lunatics. I think at this point its a viable direction until the devs figure out how to stop this phenomenon


Doesnt have much to do with healing, but with the fact that Supports can freely replace dps-slots with their consistent damage, damage-boosts, stuns, pokes, utility, etc. on top of the healing.


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Yeah 3-3 looks like teams are fighting with pillows in the OWL right now. I’m sure that is also due to skills of the players of course. It’s not like any average GM could just sub in and be fine. They would get smoked almost instantly in game.
I’m not sure at this point how the balance team can solve 3-3, short of just forcing a 2 support limit.

Viewer numbers hit over 200k in week one, so maybe it doesn’t matter right now? Real test is a a few month later in the season. Both in meta changes and if viewers keep watching mostly 3-3 comps.

but that would be my fix… 2 support limit, doesn’t have to be forced 2-2-2, just errr one 2.


Healing is only and issue when coupled with a stack of tanks.
Triple support with a bunch of dps is not really thing.


I can shoot through Mercy’s healing as Orisa though.


I would say, the trick is that with QuadTank, you could just Dive onto a Healer, and Roadhog had trouble hooking through a Winston Bubble.

Not to mention, Roadhog is an easy Ana Sleepdart target. Brig isn’t.

Get rid of the Brig Stun, and make it so Lucio+Brig AOE healing doesn’t stack, then make it so Hack cancels all Inspire healing (Possibly by moving Inspire to only be triggered by ArmorPack).

Then things would get interesting.


I made a thread for diminishing returns on heal stacking a while back before GOATS was even the meta. Introducing such a mechanic could even justify slight base healing buffs for all supports since overall throughput would mostly benefit solo healing, remain about the same for 2 healers, but weaken 3 support comps. This solves many issues with the support category in general.


The fact that it takes 3 healers to keep up 3 tanks kind of puts a damper on that “healers are too strong”, especially when the max output these three healers can have on a 12 second cooldown doesn’t compare to what Moira can do every 10.


Zen is the most balanced character in the game and has been for a while now. Lucio… i now see how he is a slight problem in goats and could use some changes I don’t think he needs nerfs but he is a strong part of goats.