This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


Which is funny, because in the character design book they describe the reverse.


It’s a combination of tanks doing too much damage, and healers healing too much.
Even if healers were nerfed, there is no reason for Zarya to be the best damage dealer in the game.


I find it funny that everyone just scapegoats one specific part of GOATS, expect the one thats been the problem since Dive; Lucio and Zenyatta.

Discord with coordination is just too powerful, and adding speed boost alongside Discord and Coordination makes anything look OP.
Add alongside it, Zarya and Reins inherit synergy and powerful ULTs, D’va being really solid, and brig that syngergizes with rein, therefore synergizing with Zarya.

If they’re not going to nerf Lucio or Zen, then GOATS will always reign supreme, cause at the end of the day you cannot nerf coordination and hero syngery.
All you can do is keep adding more heros that either overlap Rein/Zarya/D’va/Brig, or are built from the ground-up to counter goats.


There is a reason that I main a one shot hero smile


You do realize that their stacked healing is like, 33 hp/s…right? And occasionally it goes to 66 for like, 3 seconds. That’s two healers equaling less than a main healer most of the game (because lets face it; Amp it Up will most likely be used with Speed Boost active 90% of the game).


This. Why does Zarya, for example, who is a tank, out-range AND DPS Symmetra, who is a damage hero?


Tank damage is part of the issue, when they have extra health, extra armor, and can do as much damage as a dps while being able to use things like shields or self-heals? You have an issue. Reduce tank damage and make dps actually relevant again, and perhaps in exchange give tanks more armor or base health to make up for the damage nerf. I see too many tanks being played in place of DPS (…cough… GOATS) or LIKE a dps rather than fulfill their protective role and can pull out all gold medals over high dps characters. Tank damage is not THE problem, just one of the main issues.

GOATS exists PURELY because tanks can outright replace DPS for how much damage they can do while having a ton of sustain/protection to cover for them. Period. The game is broken and unplayable when the dps class has been basically made obsolete by this crap.


Or the fact that no matter who I pick, if it isn’t reaper or a CC (provided the CC isn’t on cooldown), if a winston jumps on me there’s nothing to be done about it because you can’t outrun his spray.


Well at least your post gets attention.

Not the same thing, but every AoE heal DR thread I made died without any responses.

Well, whatever.

You can nerf heal stacking (DR kicking in at 2 AoE heals) and not nerf those heroes in other ways.

Lucio and Zenyatta are not OP, but heal stacking is. Giving Zenyatta (a glass cannon) a ton of survivability via peeling and Aoe heals makes him FAR more powerful.

His main weakness has always been mobility, but with 2 other supports that’s not an issue.

Stacking is the problem. The end.


There is a reason I main Mercy :smile:

And if DPS weren’t making more damage, than they can take, there would simply be no need for Goats. But, with one-shot kills present, you would rather play it safe with tanks, than rely on DPS evading all shots like Matrix.


Same argument, Lucio is healing and speedboosting at the same time with Amp running 24/7, because he doesnt make choices, and Amp isnt on a 15 second CD, and 40hp/sec group heals are plenty while Mercy’s 50 cant sustain a single person.

These forums are so schizophrenic


How does this make sense though? Healing one teammate with 50 hps isn’t enough to sustain them, but 40 hps for whole group is a lot better?


It goes way deeper than that. Overall damage creep, especially bursty and one shot damage has made TTK of damage dealers so absurdly short that they cannot survive long enough to even react to their own attacks.

By not addressing overall damage, this just gets worse, driving more and more people to play tanks so as to have at least the minimum of survival.


Tank damage probably is a bit high, particularly Zarya, but OTOH, given how loopy most DPS acts in a team game I don’t believe they could create any space if it were just dependent upon healers keeping them up. They have to damage because DPS is often who knows where, and the healers are being dove upon, so they need damage to fend off attackers. Stacked AOE healing is almost the entire problem, it just needs a cap to keep it in line, don’t care if its “not intuitive” or not…


I am pointing out how self contradicting it is, especially since the same group also insists that speedboost is the culprit, which halves the group healing, and requires Brig to be engaged.

In other words, they are misguided.


This. Scream it from the rooftops!


When they relesed brig thath killed dive and that was ok since she was supposed to do that, but since she was to good it killed most other comps as well.
So we got into sniper meta with hanzo and widow that was boring since games were decided who had better snipers. Since evrything else died in one shot, and thats not fun, we GOAT meta since tanks are the only ones that are able to survive for any length of time in this game


This wasn’t because of brig, but because of hanzo’s obscene, badly thought out, rework that the game still hasn’t recovered from.

(She definitely was a source of a lot of problems, however rein/zarya/brig was forced by the snipers as it’s a tanky comp…and GOATs was discovered around this time too)


If not for brig he would still have a lot of power but dive would be better still it think But zeah his rework was stupidly powerfull


Thankfully now we have options; dive works, but so does GOATs and counter-dive - want ‘meme’ comp? Sure, go for it. It all works now, thankfully…3-3 is jsut easier to pull off at a higher level.

The whining about heals is just the latest hot take. And boy, is it a hot take. :laughing: If supports suddenly see a nerf patch thanks to this, then the game will be losing a lot more players, and I hope the devs realise this.