They’re ruining Symmetra

Nah, he said it’ll have a short duration, but infinite uses.

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see, that sounds good on paper. but we won’t really know until its out. until then people are free to worry about it. no one wants another rework going as bad as the first iteration of mercy 2.0

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Well I will be damned. Now I am the one weilding misinformation! :slight_smile: My apologies!

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It’s okay. Apparently I can’t read. Like I miss the part about them extended the range of her primary fire, removing lock on, and a few other things. Had to re-edit a post about my concerns like three times. Turns out my only concern is the damage being too much for newbies, but considering it’ll only be 130 damage after 2 seconds before it truly becomes dangerous with no lock on…pretty happy with the changes to her primary weapon now. Just wondering if the secondary fire will still pierce barriers.

I’ll be sad to see her moving barrier go as that was quite a fun addition to her kit.

The rest of this, though, sounds absolutely amazing!

It’s still Symmetra at her core with turrets/teleporter/barrier, but a much different way to play her that I can see a lot of players insisting the team have a Symm on attack!

It’s inevitable people make these comments. They have a “know-it-all” attitude before it even comes out, and they already think it sucks. They think they know better than the playtesters who have actually tested it, and have seen the results. Quite hilarious reading OP’s post.


Yeah, and it’s not like Blizzard has ever said they’d change things if they didn’t work and then… didn’t.

Nope. Winston can no longer one shot a turret with his cannon OR jump, and will be slowed far more. Not only that, but Sym will build her death beam off of his barrier. If a Winston can not win against SYM within the first 2 seconds of their duel, he will be melted.

So I get this point, its valid. But in an FPS no ability is stronger than an auto lock ability. If any part of Sym’s kit was to be improved, this would have to go, or it would create a massive problem. It will be missed, but I would trade it for the Tele any day.

What made Rez strong was that you could return players from the dead with no counter play. Last time I checked Tele doesn’t do that and can be destroyed easily with it’s reduced health.

It is litterally infinite. You can use it from spawn and send a barrier right down the center of the point to help your team. Saving people through walls with a Mega Barrier-O-Doom sounds rad to me.
We also need more defense ults, there are only two in the game now that Rez is gone.

I do love shield gen… but think of it like this, what if a new character gets shield gen c;

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Bastion will definitely benefit. I would argue Ana and McCree too since it gives them paths to high ground they don’t have the mobility for usually.

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100% agree

the proposed kit sounds extremely strong, sounds like it will be a lot more flexible too, sounds like a really strong defensive ulti and the teleporter could be used pretty creatively on attack

that shields going to be a nightmare on ana tho

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Or you can say something like “In my opinion the changes are super cool” just so u can get upvoted more than the op. It works the same way but there needs to be a person to say an opinion on which others can agree with. Still it’s not hard.

They ask for more information about the Symmetra’s rework.
He share their work and get flamed.
This community. :man_shrugging:

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In all honesty I do that all the time, there’s a lot of bias on these forums though and no matter how contradicting an opinion gets (“rez is too powerful, let’s buff it!”) people won’t back down nor will they accept any kind of disagreement

One day people will start complaining about an idea a dev had even before he has time to write it anywhere.

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You haven’t played Blizzard games for very long, have you? Now IS the time to make a “mountain out of a molehill” because it’s not implemented yet. Blizzard’s track record will show anyone that once something is actually in the game they tend to take their sweet time fixing / changing it.

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Now that she will require skill and have to aim her beam and people will actually accept her in the games u think they are ruining her?
Think about how the changes will affect her in game then post pls.Dont take everything negatively.

She was already a ruined mess.

Really like the idea of playing around with teleporters. Everything else is… blargh.

Now they’re still iterating stuff, sure, but it’s good to give feedback early.


My thoughts too. If something goes to the PTR, it’s almost guaranteed to go to live, so you have to share your opinions now.

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You can’t please everyone but I’m psyched to see all the possibilities for her new kit. Sym is no longer a troll pick and could be completely meta changing. I’m envisioning people using TP now to get past a crowded choke or to coordinate a pincer attack