They’re ruining Symmetra

Uh, yea I have.
Then I guess I’m the “irrational” person for not exaggerating and actually being patient to give feedback huh?

There’s never a time to make a mountain out of a molehill, because all that does is make situations worse, make you look bad, or rile everyone up for no dang reason especially when you don’t know what’s to come. I understand being considered but when you go spreading “It’s Mercy all over again”, “They’re going to kill Sym”, or “No one is going to like Sym” that Doesn’t help the situation whatsoever.

If you want to speak negatively about a potential trade then go ahead and make a constructive critiscm about it, but when all you do is exaggerate a “problem” and all caps your mind out then It’s annoying.

They are making her way more useful and honestly all the changes are subject to change after their internal testing.

I really don’t understand how can one compare Mercy’s reworked Rez to Syms reworked Teleporter, one still brings back allies, the other will be able to grant them different paths, they’re now nothing alike and I’m seriously happy with these changes, minus her new ult, I’m disappointed with that.

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I welcome all these changes.

untouched YES but unfamiliar, no… the existing skills things they left they either reduced qty of, increased damage capacity of, or speed…

No I do not like only 3 turrets unless those turrets self heal.
Would have preferred 4 of these Turrets with a reduced HP of 22

No I do not like the ultimate. Why?
because IF the enemy has already penetrated your defenses then that area wall is a POS even if you cast it from spawn. Would be better if the wall had 5000 hp AND caused a slow poison type effect for anyone currently INSIDE the wall.

TP on E is ok… but not ok that you cannot select entrance point. Pretty much if you see a Symm you can assume she will cast TP and just unload the clip onto her and then some to destroy that default location TP

Energy balls no longer pierce shields… just cause splash damage… eh… whatever… I guess… I would have been ok with this if it was the only change. But Moira can still pierce RH and Orisa shields at least the Symm balls move faster.

Beam no longer locks… a little disappointed in this, I wish instead of removing the lock they just reduced how long or far it could lock on OR made it so that you had to land a direct HIT before it would lock. Like maybe if you shoot an energy ball and then click your beam THEN it could lock. Making it take a little more skill but making it still viable against Genji and sorts.

I am sure I am forgetting something… yeah I wish they would have given her turrets a toggle from Damage to heal also since sometimes your turrets are up but only 1-2 person on point and you want to keep them topped off to help while you get back to the objective.

If Symmetra Primary fire is like Moira rightcklick, i am fine. If it is like Zarya Primary fire, i am done and going to quit Overwatch.

The Problem about the rework is the destruction of the symbol and idea of a hero who takes/require only tactic and forethinking instead of aiming as players skill.


Symmetra One Tricks ruined Symmetra. They insist on playing her every time they can even when it’s a huge handicap to the team so Sym needs to be reworked to be less niche so Sym OTPs ruin fewer people’s experience. Can’t have niche heroes with selfish players.

I do hate that they’re changing some essential/unique things about her. They should keep her lock on beam the same for close range, and then give her a long range (right-click?) beam that doesn’t lock on that just goes straight.

Right now her new attacks seem like a copy paste of Zarya. Left-click beam that doesn’t lock on, right-click beam that shoots explosive orbs…

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I hate everything about this minus the turret change. If this crap goes through, and I am sure it will, I want the comp points back for her gold gun. I won’t want it anymore.

It gives her a skill requirement poggers

*shrug. And they’ll do it no matter what we say.

Then you clearly haven’t learned anything.

Tell that to the people in WoW who were in WoD beta and complained about several things like lack of content, etc. and were ignored and that expansion went on to be one of the worst in WoW history. Or to the people in Legion beta who complained about the state of several classes (including Warlock) and were correct and it took them months after launch to fix. Or the people who have been campaigning for the Worgen model to be fixed of all the issues since Cata - almost 8 years ago - and the model is still unfixed. And that’s not even bringing up the issues with Overwatch, Diablo 3, Hearthstone, or HoTS.

But I suppose you know better.

Well I find it equally annoying when people accuse those giving valid criticisms about the fear that the company is going to break a character / leave something undone as “exaggerating” when Blizzard has a history of doing that.