They’re ruining Symmetra

They are only allowing her to place three turrets that are only a little stronger, which makes her lose her ability to take control of areas since Winston still can come and melt them along with literally every other hero.

They are removing her lock on and giving her range which makes the reason a lot of people chose her irrelevant.

They are making her teleporter her E. Guess they learned nothing from Mercy.

They are making Photon Barrier her ult.

They removed Shield Gen.




Many Characters.

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Look at the developers comments tab.

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This is why we need downvotes, how can you not see how awesome those changes are?


there u go

That ult sounds really weird.

I’m impartial to the rest. The tele is going to allow for some neat things though.

Yeah, because Mercy is such a troll pick now. Expect to see way less Sym in OWL and competitive after these changes go live.

Please stop, you are going to give me a headache from rolling my eyes so hard.


So basically they’re deleting Symmetra from the game and recycling her model to make a new hero who happens to be named Symmetra… okay then.



lol, they literally said these changes aren’t final calm down


The fact they left no part of her kit untouched is what’s troubling to me more than anything. literally 0% of Symmetra players are going to like her new state if they change everything about her that they liked.

This is starting to look worse than the Mercy Rework to me, I can only hope she isn’t broken after all this.


I liked the Shield Gen and lock on.
Based on these comments, both are removed.

because her whole kit was countered hard by some hero

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Nothing is final yet, so maybe they’ll stay true to some part of who she is. IMO the turrets were always my least favorite part of her kit and ironically that’s the part that’s been changed the least.

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Mercy was broken when they put res as an ability.

TP is a broke man’s res.

Personally, and note I dont play Sym, the Ult sounds terribad. I’d much rather have the Shield Gen.

Its a ‘Defensive’ tool.

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Speak for yourself.
I absolutely love Sym, but I’m excited about the changes they’ll be doing and I have opened arms for the possibilities.
They even said that some of their ideas are going to be changed or aren’t set in stone, stop making a mountain out of a molehill…

At least wait to give your criticism until after you can give her changes a try before you go assuming it’s going to be “worse than the Mercy rework”.


shield gen has been removed so torb/sym/brigitte dont stack up. lock on has been removed coz the gun has been made more powerful so adding lock on would just make it OP. and plus they said the beam is large so it will be easy to aim


There are things like the lock on that they didn’t need to change but did anyway, This isn’t even a rework, this is a new hero they were too lazy to design a model for so they just got rid of their least played one.


Well, not anymore. Now it’s a highground contest ability.