They nerfed xp/progression

Did you buy the pass?

If you count it by days maybe. If you make it 30-40 hours of gameplay in those days while in group so extra exp… It’s pathetic imo. You get extremely incentivized to just login every day for two matches rather than playing the game. Because those two matches are worth like 11k exp when one full game is 1k top. I can’t (and don’t want to) always play so why don’t allow me to grind when I have time and mood?

Or just put Ramattra out of battlepass and I wouldn’t care about exp issue at all. It’s the only thing I care about


I don’t think you understood my first reply to you.

I was suggesting that the 20% bonus did not apply to the “match finish” bonus just like it does not apply to challenge xp. The idea is that the 20% bonus may only apply to the hidden amount of XP you get from playing the match, and in this case the match was so short that the amount of xp + the 20% bonus only added up to 2 xp.

Hard proof would be showing that it did apply to bonuses like the “match finished” one in season 1, but no longer does in season 2.

I don’t really know what to tell you. In season 1 I believe I took over a month off in total, and just played when I felt like it. Still managed to get up to past tier 100 without any real grinding.

I did as well. But i had Kiriko since day 1 so it was whatever for me. I don’t care where I end up, I care how quickly I can put my hands on heroes. And from what I see, only dailies are worth your time and grinding games for it is painfully slow (just like old Hearthstone where you had to win 3 games for merely 10 gold or you could do daily quest for 60 gold. Technically grindable, in practice absolute waste of time)

Oh yeah true, absolutely. My opinion is that the pass is super easy to level up (At least it was in season 1, not sure about the validity of this thread yet but we’ll see) BUT still not easy enough to justify putting heroes in it. I’m with you on that.


If you are f2p you get trash reward only every few tiers. Hero is the only attractive part of battlepass for f2p and sadly the only thing that should be out of it completely. It’s incredibly scummy to put gameplay features behind grind/paywall

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Lord i just want to play the new heroes.

They wont bait me into buying these passes man.

Just allows players to play these heroes out the gate ya making enough money off those wack costumes because every game i play more than half the players have those skins…


They are getting on my nerves, but rather than buying battlepass I would quit the game entirely. Still having fun playing it casually but f** man, with all this atrocious balance, bugs and stuff, I can’t even get heroes when they come out? It kills hype to comeback because of events and new releases

anything more than a few days of “exclusive access” for BP holders when the hero comes out is reason enough not to endorse this mechanism.

Hell, it’s the primary reason why I dropped the game and I welcome you to check my player level.

Want to make every skin that is interesting a paid skin? sure. Want to only give skins for purchases? cool.

Don’t. Lock. Heroes. That’s a red line for me. I welcome you to also try to find a game where hero unlocks are not done with game currency that you can have by playing accumulatively, unlike OW2 which treats you like a “I’ve never seen this man in my life” every season drop.


“This other user posted actual data suggesting this is probably false” is neither defending blizzard, or spinning anything.

Defending Blizzard would be “I think it’s a good thing they nerfed XP because…”, not potentially disproving a wild accusation.

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Time for everyone to legitimately uninstall. Give Blizzard an even bigger middle finger than they are giving us. Ignore the shills around here. If you guys want OW to improve then we need to actually stop playing and buying anything, the more people play or buy, the worse it will become.

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Don’t worry guys/gals this must be another bug that needs to be fixed. Since this is Bugwatch 2.

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I’m thinking of doing just that.



It’s funny. Usually the more players the better game gets. In Blizz case it’s just opposite.


They put a salt shaker along with rammatra, so many people here run the narrative that these Devs are being forced by Bobby but I’m sure they are enjoying it too.

It seems to me that a lot of the challenges turned from “Play XXXX” to “Win XXXX,” which makes them take longer.

Honestly, surprised people haven’t realized just how awful EXP in this game is outside of challenges. You get a ramping 100 - 500 exp per match without them.

And it’s 10,000 exp for a single tier. It’s bonkers just how reliant you are on challenges to level up.

And here’s why they do it this way: They removed seasonal/lifetime challenges, so you ONLY can do weekly/daily. That essentially means you CAN’T grind the BP in small sessions, you have to play consistently every day if you want to make progress. It’s a soft cap on EXP gains once you finish the challenges, essentially–you can still do it, but boy is it going to cost you a lot of time.

It also means getting to Rammatra before comp hits is extremely difficult–icing on the cake. Other games just let you get currency, but NOPE. Blizzard had to be worse.

This system is honestly disgusting.

im pretty sure its just an arcade bug. The Math aint Mathing this is occams razor in action, just wait for it to be fixed. if they really wanted to nerf xp, they wouldnt start doing bad math in the postgame xp progress.

“congratulations on filling in for someone who couldnt bare the horror of having an L splashed across the screen…heres 1.6 xp for your trouble…and heres an extra 20% for being a valued (paid) customer!!!”

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Hey, I’m not saying that system is good. Just trying to work out whether or not they reduced the XP gain from last season :sweat_smile:

Do they not understand that by doing this it will only cause players to play less and pay them less. Nobody is gonna give you battle pass money for something they can’t complete in time. It’s no wonder your company is going down the drain. It’s bad enough YOUR GARBAGE MATCHMAKING GIVES NOTHING BUT FORCED LOSSES

the goblin class is pretty iconic in blizzard’s world of warcraft. that class/race combo actually embodies what activision/blizzard/king is about

“time is money, friend” the little green goblin said

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