They nerfed xp/progression

i cannot believe it how low this company goes and keeps going.

there was a season in fortnite when many people noticed they level up their battlepasses slower, epic fixed that and made the progress faster, blizzard just nerfs xp

ex OWL player calling them out:


So instead of playing as i want, i should more do this stupid quests? Not gonna happen


I’m not convinced. The other day I remember Trilly (Another forum user) posted a list of XP gains from various matches they had played compared to XP gains from season 1 and it was about the same iirc.

Don’t be a weirdo


i can tell you what the shills will say: “i’m level 80 i don’t know what you mean, maybe you are bad”


lol you can call me whatever you want, I wasnt wrong.


It seems like Arcade XP is all messed up. Honestly, even if it weren’t, they really need a serious increase to XP awarded in arcade modes.


I didn’t defend anybody, so try again buddy.

Could be the case. I don’t play arcade at all so I can’t say.


It was always reduced XP in arcade games and a specific limited amount in game browser. So maybe it was “bugged” and arcade gave normal XP in S1? Dont know, but I in terms of XP in comp and QP its the same.

Could also be the feeling, because we dont have 3 double-XP weekends. That really pushed people forward.

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Blizzard wants you to grind. Like every decision they are making is turning OW2 into a grind fest. It’s all manipulation to keep you playing their game longer.

-Making Gold Guns harder to get now by giving out less comp points at the end of a season,

  • Deranking you at the start of a new season

-hiding your numbers, and only showing rank changes every 7 wins.

It is all designed to manipulate you into playing longer, and harder. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this on purpose so that you grind more.


I made threads about this last week

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I dont care
Progression is gabage
Skins not worth do challanges
Game bad balanced
I play doom to make my teammates suffer.


it just gets worse and worse, time is money and blizzard wants either your time or money. i think they want more people to buy level ups.


I noticed this when my gains this season were less than they were with the previous season even though I have the battlepass buff applied. Feels like these guys are just in it for the whale hunt at this point.


it has seemed a little slower and I’ve had a few backfills which didn’t even give any exp.

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What a surprise LOL

“Ok we’ll lower the level requirement for Ram but silently nerf the EXP a little bit so they might not notice that it’s still technically 55!”


wow this sounds terrible, i’ve seen an arcade game only giving 300 xp.


Wow XP nerfed already after only the first season. Color me surprised. I’m not surprised, it’s Blizz after all.

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good thing i dont care anymore


I agree. It’s so obvious. And the funny thing is that it had the opposite effect on me: I uninstalled the game.

The last patch sounded interesting, though, with the Doomfist and Tracer nerfs; but it’s not enough for me to install OW2 again.

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i play a fair bit and am only lvl 35 on battlepass , with 4 days to go for new hero to unlock in comp . how many people who havnt bought the battlepass are going to be at lvl 45 and ready to use in comp ? or even get to practice before it unlocks in comp ?

lvl 45 is a joke should be no more than lvl 25 this give players a chance to unlock and get some practice with new heroes before they unlock in comp

p.s it does seem like xp per match is low ,