They nerfed xp/progression

I’ve already seen someone claim they were in the 50’s without tier skips and that was a couple days ago.

It does the opposite. I just do my dailies and log off. I treat it like a mobile game now…

I am not even sure I will make it to Rama by time he drops for competitive even with reduction to level 45.


…so you’re saying the company was called out and then had time to fix it…? Considering this only happened this season, isn’t it unfair to compare a company that had time to fix it with one that hasn’t yet…? :thinking:

I haven’t noticed any difference. Honestly the BP is fast to finish. I’m not a hardcore player and last season and this season I will be level 80 with at least 30 days left in the season.

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In Season 1 you also got xp for playing on the new maps multiple times and getting kills in certain spots. Along with playing the new heroes and new abilities on old characters.

With Season 2 there’s only the Monastery ones and challenges tied to Ramattra. A character people don’t have access to unless you buy the battle pass or get to level 45.

I’ve had arcade matches only give 100xp. Yeti hunt sucks giving exp wise even if you win.


It always did. Even back in OW1.


I’m 58 or somewhere around that, no bought tiers. Only playing Mystery heroes and winterbrawls.

If I finished my dailies and I’m not super close to completing a weekly, I’m not even gonna play anymore that day. Why? Because playing the game barely gives any xp.

I played ow1 for hours every day even though my last 1000 lootboxes were all dupes.
Ow2? I ain’t playing unless I have goals to meet because the game isn’t even that fun.


I feel bad for those that actually bought the BP or are trying to get free things from the BP cause I stop caring after they did this s#$%y way of getting minimal loot. The game is going down each and ever day this happens and the patch only made the people jumping ship stay for a day. Now it’s back to seeing the game how it really it.

A Disappointment wrapped around a great idea on top of a good game.

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I hate how little exp you get for actually playing the game. I was playing like 15 hours across few days and I got maybe 4 tiers of battlepass. I can do the same with dailies in one hour of gameplay across few days… Why are you putting heroes behind battlepass and then also don’t let me get exp in fun way? So tired of this f2p bs. I just want to try Ramattra but no, play 2 weeks of dailies first. No, playing a lot in weekend doesn’t count, must login everyday and do your homework.

So garbage

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Yet we are meant to be getting 20% bonus exp if we got the premium battle pass. It’s at 2% in some cases.

From reddit


it wasnt just the challenges then eh? i knew it felt slower

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Probably just another “unseen” bug :clown_face:


Could it be that the 20% xp doesn’t apply to the “match finish” bonus? I know it doesn’t apply to challenge xp so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

And with that in mind, that game was a backfill so perhaps the hidden tiny amount of match XP + 20% added up to 2

Oh no, that’s bad.

GJ Blizz…

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It explains why no one touches arcade anymore.

Even if you backfilled you (should) get 400 xp for backfilling. This applies to quick play and arcade.

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Ah true. I was just going off what the Reddit post said, that it was a 1-2 minute game so I assumed it was a backfill. But maybe it was just a really short game.

Either way what I said still applies.

I’m not saying they are wrong, I just want to get to the bottom of this. Like I said earlier in this thread, I’ve already seen evidence of the contrary so it’d be good to get some hard proof.

Give me one tier every hour of gameplay+ more dailies and I won’t complain. Right now I played a lot for I think 5 days and I’m around lvl 20 only because you get exp worth your time only with dailies and weeklies. So garbage

20 levels in 5 days is hardly slow. You’d be done with like 40 days left at that pace.

Them getting 102 xp is hard proof. It should be 120. Getting 2% instead of the advertised 20% xp is robbing people of possible tiers and making them grind much longer then intended.