S2 BP progress is way slower

dont have all those lifetime challenges available anymore :unamused:


Doing all the lifetime challenges won’t even get you a tier

Even the seasonal challenges last season only added up to 2-3 tiers, and that’s including the competitive challenges


It’s a terrible grind with bad rewards. There is nothing in there I care about, so I just ignore it.


That’s actually wise. Just play normally and you’ll get through the pass without even needing to try. Very easy.


Idk about that, this is the only game BP that I couldn’t accidentally grind to completion lol.


Yeah, that’s how I view these BPs. I also ignore rank. I get more competitive points per win than I would a rank. The rank reward is a joke and it does nothing in the game for you.

The only requirement is to play semi-regularly, so I don’t know what to tell ya.

I took probably over a month off playing last season and still managed to finish it without grinding anything.

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You can grind it out at the end when they give double exp. That’s what I did to get 70. I figured why not get that stupid Cassidy skin.

I mean for me the first 1.5-2 weeks were literally unplayable so maybe that’s it. Definitely the worst BP progression system i’ve seen though, mainly because the weekly challenges don’t stay after that week is completed, which is obviously intentional and scummy to try and get people to buy levels.

…my initial thought, weren’t most of those like 500xp a go…? :thinking:

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Plus the season challenges that you can’t see anymore….it’s not a LOT…but it adds up….this one certainly seems slower to me and I’m not playing any less

…I mean what, like 3-5 tiers worth maybe? I dunno, I remember initially thinking the lifetime challenges had the worst payoffs out of the bunch… :thinking:

But then I’d have to do more than just my dailies and immediately log out.

Where’d the fun in that be?

Unless the put me on dps for all roles.

The only game I’ve ever accidentally ground to completion was fortnite, but the season it was for I didn’t want any of the rewards.

Really? It hasn’t even been a week yet and I’m level 18 in the BP and have spent most of that time playing the game the way I prefer to because they made the challenges so much easier and faster to complete. The lifetime challenges give you a meaningless amount of points so I ignore them. I haven’t noticed a decrease in how fast I’m getting through this BP compared to the last. I guess I could be dumb, but I feel like I’m making really good progress and I’m not even no-lifeing the game.

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Are we still doing “phrasing”? ;>_>

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Its not slower but it seems that way. We had in S1 a double XP weekend and then another two in the mid and end of it.

Its normal that you get around 20 levels with a bit of playing and doing the challenges each week. So you will be done normally in around 4 weeks (3 weeks from now). People who play a bit more have enough time to unlock ram next week, when we can play him in comp (but he will be pretty meh).

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It’s the same, it’s just that lifetime challenges are one-time but completing them all is barely even worth a tier.

But the seasonal challenges were really shaved down, it went from 44 in season 1 down to 11 in season 2, most of the unique ones being tied to the Shambali map.

Same. I even cut my playtime in half from season 1 and am already tier 27 on the BP. Haven’t even completed weeklies. Sitting at 9/11 and that’s where it will stay because I’m not gonna play RQ for the last two missing ones. :woman_shrugging:t4:

yea i feel so bad i got coins gifted to me from a friend who does the microsoft rewards and i dont feel like grinding the pass.