They buffed Symmetra's primary fire...for real

After hearing so many people say Symmetra’s primary fire has been buffed, I decided to test it out myself. To my surprise, it isn’t just the tick rate that has been buffed…they buffed the actual DPS of the beam too.

My first test was everyone with 500% HP and infinite ammo. Symmetra charges her beam on Reinhardt’s barrier, I drop the barrier, and I time how long it takes for a fully charged beam to melt Reinhardt. To my surprise, I got ~13.8 seconds. That made absolutely zero sense, so I decided to swap to Roadhog to see if Symmetra’s beam somehow ignores armor.

It turns out it doesn’t. The armor was applying normally on Reinhardt. It took ~15.3 seconds for a fully charged beam to melt a 3000 HP Roadhog (Take a Breather cooldown was reduced to 0 so Roadhog was at full health after Symmetra charged her beam beforehand). That means Symmetra’s beam did ~195 DPS.

They must’ve changed the damage levels from 60/120/120 to 65/130/195 without telling anyone.


Hooo boy.
I was surprisingly good with Symmetra before the beam buff, time to find out how much of a differenc eit makes.

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Omg. No way!? Have the actually increased the DPS?!?!?

uh, didn’t this dps “buff” happen years ago with the most recent one only being a range buff? Pretty sure her max dmg is still lower than a fully charged zarya, at least how it’s supposed to be.

Well, originally they said she was going to be 65/135/195 when she was first being tweaked with.

The orbs were also meant to travel at 30mps as well.

Please just revert Symmetra to 2.0, Blizzard.

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According to the patch notes from Symmetra’s rework, the DPS of the beam is 60/120/180. Since then, they’ve extended the range to 10 m, and made the beam charge faster, but they’ve never officially changed the damage values.

Don’t forget the damage of her turrets. It should be 60 instead of 50 and they didn’t mention her photon barrier destroys itself after 15 seconds.
It would be way better if they revert all of her ‘nerfs’ and not just her primary fire.

I played her in a game where I could have afk’ed yesterday and her beam was just melting. I don’t know if it’s stronger, but it definitely charges faster.