🙉 These modes are NEVER in the Arcade during events:


These modes are never in the arcade during events (21+ days straight):

  1. CTF
  2. CTF: Ayutthaya Only
  3. 3v3 Elimination
  4. 6v6 Elimination
  5. 4v4 TDM

Here are the only rotating dailies during events:

  1. Mystery Duel
  2. Limited Duel
  3. No Limits
  4. Low Gravity
  5. Total Mayhem

And the modes that never go away during events:

  1. Mystery Heroes
  2. Event #1
  3. Event #2
  4. FFA (has some variances)

Not going to rant like usual, just state a fact. I haven’t completed all my boxes, and don’t regret it; the modes are simply too limited for me to have fun.

Data comes from 🕹 [Wiki] What Arcade modes are available today?

Bye now.

Edit: I’d like to clarify that there are a few exceptions, but at the time of making this thread near the end of Winter Wonderland, it has been 100% true for this event.

Arcade is unbearable to even play

For real? Why would they limit it? ._.


I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Capture the Flag in Arcade at all.


To be fair i can accept No Limits and Mistery there. And even CTF if they want to give it to event rotation (It will be on Lunar event) because most of the events are in the center of one character. Like Winter is Mei and Summer is Lúcio both of them with 2 arcade slots.












Fun (mostly)





Arent CTF an mode made for event and is there whole new year event?


There are special events which make exceptions, but outside that once-a-year event, other events lock them out. That’s a big issue in my eyes, and don’t think the one exception makes up for it. If you’re just clarifying, that’s fine.

I also remember it not being permanent last time since it was bugged, but I may be remembering incorrectly.

According to the thread, the day before the event came out (unless I missed one.)

I’ve been asking this for a long time.

No clue.


There is also anniversary where propably this event gona be present too
And other modes like pve are also only for event time. I dont say its good, but its nothing new.


My first guess, since it’s only during events, is to increase revenue from box sales. Perhaps the modes they cancel during events gross the fastest exp? I don’t rightly know, but from a business perspective it seems like a plausible explanation.


Well if they didn’t want people to get their arcade boxes, they’ve succeeded with me. :slight_smile:


CTF was available during last two events, afaik. This event has probably the least variety in arcade so far.

IDK. I think they should have more modes available. People might want to actually play the game during holidays, and they just can’t play their favourite modes now.

Exactly 20 days. 34 days for Ayutthaya CTF. In case you were curious.


I looked into the event before this one, and did see 2 CTF days, so I put an edit at the bottom of my post.

But yeah, this one has had the least variety recently, even though I remember Summer Games being similar (I might check later when I have less stuff to do.)


i want to play these year round…like…c’mon…please?


Oh thank god that it’s just because of the holiday because I had been seeing the other events on YouTube videos (I just started playing like last week) and I realized that they never show up and I thought they were just completely gone.


My heart broke when Jeff said CTF would never be in Competitve mode. It’s the best part of the whole game IMO. Hopefully we get the arcade comp version back soon.


They never put 3v3 during holiday events. It’s my favourite mode.


Was this before or after it was a competitive mode for a bit? Unless you mean a permanent competitive mode.

They are my favourite modes; not because they’re rare, but because I genuinely enjoy them more. I also want to play them year 'round.

It almost seems intentional. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At least there’s some good news from this thread. :slight_smile:

I saw it during the anniversary event, but I think that’s only due to there being one event that rotated.


you quoted your own answer to your question


Odd how I didn’t see that part of your post.