There is no logical reason why pink mercy cant return

Yes there are 3 reasons

1.It was a limited time thing for breast cancer awareness.

2.Blizzard ain’t really hot RN,especially with the female demographic

3.Y’all are annoying and illidan genji better


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One reason is that they would have to partner with BCRF again for it…and for all we know, BCRF is not interested. Another is that it would require a lot of PR work on Blizz’ end to make it happen (lots of back and forth with BCRF). Another would be that, if Blizz is going to do all that effort, they would get more interest generated for a brand new skin with a brand new charity. Another is that the team is really busy right now trying to crank out OW2, and get OWL off the ground again with in-person live events for the first time in years. It’s not just a quick button press.

A reason why they can’t just release it on their own is that it was made in conjunction with BCRF; surely there would need to be a colab with them to re-release it…but even if that were the case, I think there are other legalities that tie in. It was a skin designed and marketed as a ‘limited time charity item’. To put it out now, without going through BCRF, would mean that technically Blizz would be possibly profiting from it…as they can’t control if people spend ‘real money’ for gold or tokens to get a skin designed for charity. Even if it wasn’t in a legally gray area, it’s certainly a morally gray one; that would be a scummy move.

It’s not happening, and there are loads of logical reasons. The simple fact that Blizz has outright said, flatly now, ‘it’s not happening’ means they have logical reasons not to, as there is no ‘logical reason’ for them to not do it unless they had ‘logical reasons’ for not doing so.

I was made in house by Blizzard. It may have been made for the event, but BCRF had little to no input for it’s design.

Not really. Everyone associates it with that first charity event, but there is nothing legally binding them to include BCRF if they use it again.

They could just do another charity event and donate to SOMEONE and not profit from it.


If you care so much about the cause then go head and donate some money. I’m not sure why you need to pixels in a video game to save lives. It just sounds selfish to me.


This just happened today though, and I hadn’t noticed till just recently as well, so understandable if you hadn’t seen it, lol. I was wondering why we were getting so much renewed Pink Mercy drama; this explains it and I guess puts the final nail in that coffin, so to speak.


Appreciate the concise and direct link.

I would say “no plans” is a definite “no we’re not including it in this event”… but not a “we’re not ever going to do this so stop asking”.

BUT… if this thread is about “ok you can do this for THIS event now” yeah… that’s a big no.

It’d be far better to do a pink skin for another hero. People who already have pink Mercy can’t buy it again, but they could buy a pink Moira skin or something. Better to just make another skin.

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agreed. also have the skin myself, but it would be pretty dumb not to bring it back imo.


OWL doesn’t have a single sponsor… and yall think a charity would want to partner up with actiblizz?

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I don’t think anybody thinks that considering thousands of us have the same skin.

nope, definitely lots of people have directly stated that the reason they don’t want a charity skin to return is that it would be “less special” if others could get it. you’re underestimating how many overwatch players are straight up awful people.

i have the skin, but it should come back.


That’s funny. 20k people have the skin, but “oh no! it’ll be less special if 30k people have it.” :joy:

Like I can kinda get that argument if there were maybe only 10 people who had it in the whole world, but even then, it already lost it’s uniqueness factor as soon as more than one person has the same skin. And we’re talking about thousands here, literally everyone I know has that skin. It’s silly.

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i have actually seen this arguement tho. its stupid but i have seen it, quiet a bit


It’s really quite simple. It was sold as an exclusive skin for that charity event. Therefore, it should remain so. You can debate if it should have been so or not, but it doesn’t change the fact it was. Many people probably paid money for it with the assumption it would remain exclusive.

the OWL skins were limited time and had to be paid for yet many have come back again


Ding ding ding! Awful person identified.

If you buy something that was sold for charity, not because you care about breast cancer, but because you want to brag about having something exclusive, then it should stop being exclusive just to teach you a lesson about missing the point of a charity event.


…… If so many people had the skin then it wouldn’t be in such HIGH demand :rofl::rofl: Make it make sense lmfao!

Like I said, if they release a skin with the same hairstyle then I wouldn’t need a Pink Mercy, but I’m still rooting for those who want it along with other exclusive items in high demand.

And again, I don’t play on Switch but they weren’t allowed to purchase the skin or even make a donation for whatever strange reason. That’s not fair to them so the ‘you snooze, you lose’ excuse is beyond ridiculous here.

I don’t think Pink Mercy will be available again in OW but I believe it will make a return in OW2 or it at least should, even if it is only one time. At least new players now know of the skins they unfortunately missed out on so it would be hard to miss the opportunity to get them when given the chance.

I think what bothers a lot of people asking for the skin is that there has been no reason provided to them as to why it won’t make a return. There’s only been rumours, no facts


Yes, there is… you just didn’t think of it.

It tarnishes the idea of exclusivity, which is proven to be a widely successful marketing strat. Especially in the gaming industry.

I wish players, would emphasize less on the whole charity aspect of this “argument”

Charities are always available for donations, stop trying to use it as an excuse and or a point for a skin. We all know you just want the skin. :rofl:

speaking in general.

In what right mind, charity would want to work with a company who’s had nothing but drama surrounding them? For the past 1.5 / 2 years :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It would just seem like a PR ploy to many.

What about what I said doesn’t make sense?

That skin came out when Overwatch was at it’s peak in popularity. I’m guessing if at least 1/4 of the player population at the time bought the skin, (and I think it was probably more because it was also a good cause) then that’s an easy 150k-250k people who probably bought the skin. Like I said, I’ve been playing the game since beta, everyone I know has been playing since at least 2017 and we all have the skin.

The people who want the skin now are obviously the people who started playing the game after the skin was released, it’s in high demand because game populations are fluid, new players replace old players. Not because only a few people have the skin. Just because new players don’t have it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a rare skin by any means. So the people who don’t want it re-released because they feel if has some “unique special rarity” about it are not quite grasping what those words truly mean.

Personally, I don’t care if it comes back or not, it’s for a great cause, I would absolutely support it again on my PC account if it did come back even though I don’t play much Mercy any more, I just don’t believe it ever will return. Sometimes some things are truly a one off.


For 100th time it was an event in conjunction with bcf. Bcf arnt working with blizz anymore and after the scandal at blizz bcf don’t want their name or any association with blizz anymore. If the skin came back bcf would probably sue blizz.

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