There is no logical reason why pink mercy cant return

  • signed a pink mercy owner-

none. it will bring in money to both bliz and a charity.
it will make many ppl happy.
they can add an additional spray or icon for those who already purchased and/or have them be purchasable at a smaller price ( 5$?)

why cant they do another charity event? or a brand new charity event / skin ?
or a charity event with pink mercy AND another skin?
on another note this new event is blegh. they literally just made everything white lol lmao :skull_and_crossbones:


Not if most people have it already.

The forum will explode if there is only a new skin :joy:

The pure selfishness of several, they force it not to return and the same for other skins, this is embarrassing.


hence why they can simply add a new spray or icon for those who have it.

Didn’t they donate 100% of skin sales to charity…? :thinking:


i honestly do not recall
edit: apparently so but they also made apparel. they can bring that back and keep 10% of it or so

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Well you made this post and you claimed it earns Blizz money as one of your ‘points’…I would expect you do ‘recall’ that info… :wink:

Just saw your edit but ya, should research before you claim stuff :slight_smile:


Unless it is somehow not owned by Blizzard then I also see no reason they can’t offer it again. They never claimed they will never offer it again. They said it was a limited time event. Yes, the event was limited. You can have another limited time event and that fact will still be true. You can have an unlimited event and the last event will still have been limited.

If it was an event with a partnership that no longer wants to deal with Blizzard they don’t need to partner with them again. They could still give them donations. Not like they will deny money. They just won’t put their associations name on any promotional material.

So unless they have some contract somewhere that says they don’t own the intellectual property I don’t see any reason for it to never come back. Also I already have the skin and I would and have donated to breast cancer and received nothing in return as well. Those aren’t arguments anyway.

  1. It doesnt bring sales to Blizz as 100% of proceeds were donated to BCRF.

  2. I highly doubt that the BCRF, a foundation founded and aimed towards mainly women, would ever wanna work with Blizzard again especially after the repeated scandals regarding treatment of female employees.

  3. Even if they did do another charity event, they’d never be legally allowed to bring back Pink Mercy without the approval of BCRF as the skin is tied to a contract between the two companies, NOT just Blizzard entirely.

  • Signed, an owner of the Pink Mercy skin

Ok but how about more charity events in general? That would be cool.

Lots of games have been donating to Ukraine which is nice. /not a political post


Prostate cancer event would be nice.


that too. also not sure if u noticed but we got a ukraine flag pfp

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I don’t think bliz made any money from pink mercy. I could be wrong though.

It will also make many ppl angry. People like to brag about exclusivity n such.

There is already pink mercy sprays and icon.

Because they choose not to. Simple as that.

That again falls under blizzard and who they reach out to for a charity event.

How about the fact that the BCRF might not want to associate with Blizzard anymore after all their recent fiascos?

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The real reason?

Charities and most companies prob wanna stay very far away from being affiliated with Actiblizz in 2022


I’m also confused by the people that want it to remain exclusive solely for bragging rights. You’re not cool whether you have the skin or not lmao. I unfortunately only started playing OW mid-late June 2021 so I missed out on most skins that I wish I could own. (Also Nintendo Switch players didn’t get a chance to grab the Pink Mercy skin because it wasn’t available to them, or so I’ve read several times)

Personally, the only reason I would want a Pink Mercy skin is for the hair. I think it’s cute! If Blizz made a skin with the same exact makeup and hairstyle (ponytails, fringe, ribbons) then I wouldn’t need Pink Mercy lol! Or even the makeup for her Seolbim skin would pair nicely with a cute hairstyle like that!

Whilst they say that they have no plans to make the skin return in the near future, I have a feeling it will make a return in OW2 as a charity event again. I’m surprised they didn’t bring it back (before their serious allegations) considering the money goes to a good cause.

And no Karen, it does not matter whether someone has donated to a charity event or not. Whether I have the skin or not, I will personally continue to donate regardless (especially since both sides of my family have a looong history with cancer, breast cancer being one), but it is nice having a reward

I’ll keep all those who want Pink Mercy and other exclusive cosmetics (skins, emotes, sprays, etc.) in my prayers and wish you all luck! ^^ :heart::heart::heart:

Also sorry for the super long reply LOL


It is not. If you can show me where it is I’ll stop saying this… but this claim is entirely false. There is no legal reason blizz can’t use pink mercy for whatever they want.


Believe what you wanna believe, why else has a peep not even been made for its return in the past 4 years? You think Blizzard doesnt wanna make it available again and charge people for it without having to donate the proceeds to BCRF? Of course they do. But they cant because approval from BCRF is required. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

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I’m not “believing”. I’m saying there is no evidence for this. The skin is made in house and has no BCRF branding attached to it (the pink cancer awareness ribbon is universal) and the company has no reason to sign over their IP and dev work to another company or link it to their sayso.

This is not a belief, this is a lack of evidence to any of the contrary. Prove me wrong and I’ll stop saying it.

Why have they not done ANY other charities? You think they have a charity exclusivity contract with BCRF? … no? sounds ridiculous right? There are myriad reasons they could have not.

I think their PR people aren’t idiots. That would be monumentally damaging to their image.

There are many many things that “make sense” but “Blizz won’t release pink mercy because they aren’t allowed to by this one agreement they had during a charity drive where they did all the work and just handed off a check at the end” isn’t one of them.


at this point i’d have to agree. seeing as there doing this “last giveaway” type deal with these recolors, pink mercy coming back makes sense as this is the last chance to get skins

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