There is no logical reason why pink mercy cant return

He really didnt say anything awful.

It is really just human nature. People like limited stuff, this is not something that is exclusive to skins in a video game. It applies to cars, watches or literally anything that can be made limited.


For many people, its an investment. Anything that is available in a limited amount has potentially infinite value for the right buyer wether you like it or not. Skins dont really have this right now, but who is to say, that blizzard wont wake up one day and make a skin marketplace? The potential is there, especially if they get a cut from the transactions. It could bring them way more money than any exclusive skin ever would, not to mention it would be a constant flux of income.

Another huge reason is recognition. Having something that is expensive or rare/limited is always gonna get you jealousy or admiration from others. Its a status symbol.
Its the same reason people buy expensive cars, even though there are better cars out there with better performance for a lot less money.

You can call it awful all you want, but that is just how humans always been, are and will be.
Like Frizzbin said, you could argue if the skin should have been limited or not from the get-go, but since it is, it is too late. Making it available again would be borderline false advertising, but unethical at best.

Either fight for erasing all skin exclusivity in the game retroactively, or fight for it so that it never happens again from this point on. You have my support in both cases, but cherry picking Pink Mercy to be available again, while complaining that Noire for example should stay exclusive because its a different case is just unacceptable. Not saying you are like that, but there are a lot of people out there who would defend some exclusive stuff to the very end, but beg for the ones they missed out on.

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I’ve never been for exclusivity, so as someone who bought it twice - make it public. So what if people who didn’t pay get it now, the rest of us got 4 years or so to use it at this point. I rarely see anyone use that skin anyway, let people have some fun and be happy.


For the record, I bought and own my own Pink Mercy skin when it was made available at the time. I have ZERO issue with seeing it return, if it were to be done. In fact, I highly encourage Blizzard to bring it back.

It’s a charity skin. Its purpose for existing was to be an excuse to get people to buy a skin where 100% of the money that was collected went to funding life-saving research. It’s ok for this particular skin to be re-introduced so that the charity can make more money to continue its research goals for the betterment of humanity, even—no especially—if the tradeoff is only happens to make a few “one-time exclusive” collectors mad that this one “special” exclusive skin is now worth a little less, in a market where it is clearly against Blizzard’s TOS to resell one’s account, and otherwise, where they standout against their non-Pink peers just a little less if more players were given a chance to acquire it.

So strange how hardly anyone cried when the OWL skins came back, which included some very creative and very standout unique skins in that particular vault. But bringing Pink Mercy back would be the end of the world for collectors if it were to ever come back. It’s more like the reason we see people passionately gatekeeping Pink Mercy is simply for the purpose of antagonizing Mercy mains for wanting this skin… all because they hate Mercy and her mains, for whatever dumb reasons they come up with.


100% false learn some history. humans literally lived hundreds of thousands of years without money, classes, private property, or the state. in fact, if all the lies about “human nature” were true we would have gone extinct. literally the only reason we did not get wiped out was our capacity to share and cooperate by hunting together. you literally would not be ranting on a forum today if we didn’t develop language as a result of cooperation.

10,000 years ago is when classes, and private property and the state, begin to make their appearance. and the latest form of class society, capitalism, has only been around for a few hundred years.

you need to critically examine the propaganda that says “human nature” blah blah blah. it was argued that slavery was “human nature” at one point too. human nature evolves and changes based on our societal organization and how we raise our children.

i’m actually pretty sure the loudest voices against bringing it back aren’t even mercy mains, just toxic people who hate mercy mains for sexist reasons and are against bringing it back out of spite.

i have the skin, am not a mercy main, but want it back for others.


You are really going to argue about wether status symbols existed or not? It goes back to the very beginning and its not even entirely exclusive to humans.

Even between the first 10 neanderthal, if 1 of them had something good, the other 9 noticed it and wanted it. Meanwhile the one who had it, wanted it for himself to feel superior.
Lets go for something more recent, why do you think Pyramids even exist?

Humanity had the concept of status symbols ever since its existed. Its just as much a part of human nature as conflict itself.
Denying it is just stupid.

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Yes, there is.

It was released as part of a partnership with a specific breast cancer charity organization. Given that it involved money, it’s guaranteed there were contractual stipulations that dictated when it could be sold, how much it’d cost, etc.

In all likelihood they’d have to re-enter into a partnership with the charity organization to renew/renegotiate the terms of the prior contracts. The biggest problem now, however, is that Activision-Blizzard are not in good graces for a lot of companies and even more fans, so it’s doubtful the organization would want to work with Blizz right now.

Lol humans literally used to force sharing and expel people who didn’t share to die alone in the wild. Take a history course that wasn’t written in Texas and grow up.

wholeheartedly agree with your comment about the OWL skins and gatekeeping

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Pink mercy and Kerrigan id like to see make a comeback.


guys. guys. this isnt adam and eve to capitalism 101. this is pink mercy skin :sob:

People always want what they don’t have. I don’t think every Overwatch player are asking for pink mercy skin, I personally don’t care for one. Not saying that mercy mains don’t deserve the chance to buy the skin. But just remember that by more people having access to the skin, it’s eventually going to lose its value in people being able to show it off.

i just have this to ask

do you have this same opinion on the OWL skins?

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What opinion? I don’t think I even made an opinion. Speaking of, on the other hand, making any exclusive skin available to purchase at higher cost is probably a lot better than people selling the accounts which is against ToS not to mention it doesn’t benefit the company’s profit at all.

If Blizzard wants to make certain skins exclusive, they can still do that by making certain skins become available to purchase in the store less often than others. That’s how they do it in Valorant and it’s making the company lots of money in return.

if i am correct in understanding, this opinion is for not bringing it back
but also, doyou apply this to the OWL skins that came back?

That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact lol.

Adjective: Exclusive

  • Catering or available to only a few, select people; high class and expensive.

As if

There are people still bringing up Mass Rez Mercy every chance they get.

They sure as hell won’t stop until Pink Mercy is brought back… freaking somehow

It’s so obvious that the people who want pink mercy to come back so bad just want the skin and not to donate like if they wanted to donate so bad they could just go do it, they don’t need the skin

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I have the skin. Why do you care so much about whether others have it? Cause you just like the bragging rights and never cared about the donation part anyways.

People like you should be taught the lesson mommy didn’t teach you correctly as a toddler: learn to share.

Skin should come back just as punishment for the self-centeredness of these douchecanoes.


Yeah true no reason not to but why does everyone on this forum so obsessed with pink mercy skin lol.
Its just pixels guys calm down.

it would be nice if they could rerun the BC charity event as an annual thing but with all of the issues recently I don’t see any charities wanting to touch them with a 10ft pole any time soon