The Sym changes are nice, but why nerf it in general?

I honestly thought most of the changes were straight buffs. She is going to be substantially better… Like…???


Cooldown now starts when Teleporter is destroyed
Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 15

The cooldown used to start as soon as you dropped it, so you’d have two seconds after its ten second duration ended (unless it was destroyed early). Now you have to wait an entire fifteen seconds after it’s destroyed to use it again.

I don’t really see how locking her out of Teleporter for a longer time than live can be substantially better for her, whether she or the enemy destroys it. She just became more dependent on her team with these changes than being an independent hero that thrives with the team, like other dps heroes.

I could be wrong though.


Because of the infinite up time.

But also

Because the opponents will HAVE to find that TP and destroy it.

You’ll get so much more TP usage m overall it’ll be nuts.

And come on- how many syms were honestly spamming TP again within seconds of it being available again anyways?

I know I know. I hear you. “ me I did!” Pat yourself on the back. You’re an exception not the norm on that one - if you’re genuinely being honest.

This’ll be great for sym. I genuinely look forward to this


ah, this smells like wrong already.

this is a terrible nerf.


If you put your teleporter in an advantageous position but where it isn’t too easily in LoS of those who can destroy it, its value will go up immensely with these changes.

The moving platforms on Volskaya, the buildings on the middle of Hollywood, Route 66, and Dorado, the upper ledge at the end of King’s Row, all those high ground places where normally only one enemy stays while the rest are more down to contest the objectives, now your entire team can go up and reliably hold that ground while the enemy has to get an angle on one of the teloporters to stop it without the Sym having to constantly maintain it.

Imagine having a teleporter behind the choke of Volskaya and the exit on the moving platform. Your Bastion can go up and ride for days and if he gets low he presses F to escape for quick heals and then goes back instantly. Or just waiting for the portal to go around and lobbing a bomb through it at the right time giving the enemy no time to react.

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It’s a bit of a trade off. The infinite duration teleporter ended up being oppressive to play against when we tried having the cooldown start immediately. It meant Symmetra effectively had 2 teleporters and enemy players didn’t feel rewarded for destroying one.


Is the cooldown halved if she destroys it herself like a Torb turret?


That’s a very fair point actually. I think we’d all be fine with how it is if it wasn’t just tp changes. Overall I don’t think many people actually complained about tp. Really it was other parts of her kit like survivability

But with this change it lowers her survivability, worsening her weaknesses with an admittedly small trade off


You can’t have the tp time be halfed when you destroy it yourself? Not halfed but maybe like 12 or 10 second cool down when you destroy it


Any chance of reverting it? She’s pretty team dependent already so I see literally no scenario that this highly stigmatized hero won’t be yelled at to switch off to a more self-reliant mobile hero like tracer/genii/pharah and then just ask one of the supports to play lucio to break choke since he has a more dependable defensive ult.


But she is such a bad hero. Everything she does is “slow” in a game that is moving extremely fast. You can shut down her entire kit with a baby DVA or Mercy gun.


Ok but what about her having golden glove when having a golden weapon equiped


omg, I wasn’t the first to ask


its the “They have a shield generator” all over again


I’m down with starting the cooldown after destruction instead of on cast, but nerfing the cooldown to 15 in addition to that feels unnecessary.


It’s still a COMPLETE joke that she hasn’t had her beam range extended to match Zarya’s. Blizzard has no idea what they’re doing with heroes like Sym and Brig anymore, they’re just throwing random changes out there that they read in forum posts and seeing what happens. It’s kinda sad to approach balance this way for certain heroes.

Meanwhile…pretty much fake nerfs for Hanzo and Sombra that will do next to nothing to change how OP they are. Oh no, he lost ONE STORM ARROW and there is .15 seconds longer on EMP??? Such nerf!


Can we expect more changes before these go live for other heroes? Could roles even be changed? I’m a tank player who plays Mei as an off-tank for instance. She is also my best hero. So these changes mean I can’t swap between off-tanks and Mei as I would usually do. As I’m not a DPS player (other than Mei), this means I have to choose between either playing tank or being a one-trick, unfortunately. Mei has more in common with tanks than DPS, so I’m a little concerned. Not that I’m against learning other DPS, but I enjoy tanking, and Mei happens to be my favourite.


Then I don’t want infinite tp, because I need that thing be available to me constantly on cooldown to reposition. Repositioning is the only thing that I can use as self-defence and not just very predictably between teleports.

I certainly don’t want to be open to monkey jumping on me because I dared to use tp offensively to turretbomb and I don’t need this massive downtime on using a teleport. I shouldn’t need to destroy my own tp to reposition either. Torb gets infinite turret and he can toss new one no problem, why can’t we have that?

Infinite symm tp would not be oppressive to play against because it’s destroyed very easily.

Especially with ulti charge nerf and her ultimate being symm’s biggest asset, she can’t afford more downtime on damaging and turretbombing enemies, she just cannot.


And that’s fine, that makes sense, but why increase the cooldown to fifteen seconds? Why lock her out of it longer after it’s been destroyed? Twelve seconds is plentifully long enough.

I know I know. I hear you. “ me I did!” Pat yourself on the back. You’re an exception not the norm on that one - if you’re genuinely being honest.

I can’t tell if you’re trying to be snarky and insulting, or serious. Teleporter was often used for a method known as ‘Teleport Bombing,’ where you ambush enemies with a nest of Sentry Turrets by placing 3 on the ground and teleporting them to your enemy. This is no longer as viable of a method with these changes.


Trade off makes sense but the heavy-handed over nerfing doesn’t.

12->15 doesn’t make sense, nor the 1->1.5 use. The tp has a lot more downtime now.

Are there plans to improve her reliable damage / dueling capability to compensate, especially given the max 2 dps per team now?

Also just wanted to say the 5 extra range was sorely needed and a welcome change.