The stats prove Mercy and Ana are balanced. Why do Mercy mains keep complaining?


And there have been plenty of threads attempting to identify why Mercy’s current kit is perceived as being unfun. Plenty of suggestions have been made as a result. You call them needles in a haystack and perhaps that is true, but instead of highlighting those needles you keep being ignorant.


If I’m wrong, and this should be obvious, then maybe Mercy posters should make a community effort to collect a wide variety of ideas, then group them by idea type.

So that it’s more obvious.


You mean the Mercy Megathread?


The thing is that Im in fact surprised that there are still ideas and constructive posts about ways to redo mercy. Remember that a year has passed since the rework, and all we had were devs ignoring each posts, placing all together as they get going and nerfed the rework that was so succesful.

As you can imagine, theres no point in giving ideas to the forums, people grow tired and some of them put a lot of work in stats data, abilities and a better design the devs made…just to fall into oblivion.

If you do not even answer in any way to someone that person or subject at some point just stops trying. And please, do not take these words wrong…but im not going to work inm a design of balance original and new just for you to see and say “oh cool theres an 1,005% now of good posts”.


The devs didn’t ignore those posts.
They said no.
You ignored the devs.


That’s unorganized.

I’m talking something more like the second post on this dev post megathread.

Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 11/17/2018


As a non-Mercy player who’s been watching the whole thing, I can attest to the idea that a large plurality of propositions for Mercy involve reworking her without Mass Rez.

People default to Mass Rez because it’s a design that already existed and already has existing assets (thereby minimizing developer input to the rework), its a system that was fairly well-balanced, and it was one that never really received a serious effort to address the “fun” problems which it supposedly presented.

… but the fact that someone would claim that there isn’t a fairly representative portion of the pro-rework community arguing for designs that aren’t Mass Rez is… inane.


It makes me happy to see people are using the directory.


So the same exact thing, but with an index?



Like I said above, if it’s difficult to find an idea, it might as well not exist.

By indexing things it makes it a lot easier for people to review.

Also by indexing by type, it kinda brings to light that you could use more types of ideas.


lol how did I ignored them?. Saying that I do not find mercy fun?.
Adapting to the changes for a year?.. please let me know.

You know what? are right, I yield. By the way as consumer I cannot recommend this game and seems that a lot of people are ignoring the game completely nowadays as it is in a slow decline.

Sorry but I think that when you have a product in the market and you want it to be succesful, it doesnt work the way you think it does.


We are lucky then, cause I feel that you will help us with yours, not only your criticism. Cause …I feel is a bit contradictory be a critic of others ideas and then ask for constructive posts.


I’m sorry.
I thought it was quite obvious that the “you” in my post was a royal you.

Sorry if i offended you. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s far too much effort :slight_smile:

But considering the gigantic amount of time and effort Mercy mains post on the forums, I’m sure they could figure it out.

Assuming they care enough about getting results :slight_smile:


No offence taken :slight_smile:
Seriously I do not take these posts personally, people have differente opinions. But it is true that this is not a conversation with the devs in any kind, is a monologue were they will do what they want or think is better.

Sadly, and not only in mercy case, in my modest opinion, so far is not really helping the game health, fun or balance.


Says the person with almost 12 000 posts… I’m not really expecting you to do it, but it surprises me that you expect someone else to do it when you are clearly as passionate about Mercy threads as any of the Mercy players, or probably more in fact.


You must be joking. look I yield. Is ok you are right, there were no ideas there were no megathread, there were no posts by that time, the earth is flat.


And unfortunately another person falls victim to the GreyFalcon Mercy crusade…


you cant proactivly save lifes though hardly. even luceo can saves lives on cooldown


The Mercy threads stopped thank god, not gonna lie i did speak with some game masters about the constant spam and thread hijackings the Mercy mains were doing. This community really improved now that this has stopped, so lets not open up old wounds ok