The server shut down for no reason

Normally when this happens, a chat notice will read “the server closed due to an unexpected error” and the replay will be unavailable. No chat notice occurred, and the replay is still able to be viewed. I didn’t get any sr for this game though and it seemingly just closed half way into the match. What happened? QCXPG6 <— this is the match in question btw.

Was there a rejoin button?

no. i didn’t lose any sr or anything. The replay lists it as a draw

Oh, doesn’t sound like there’s much to worry about then. Blizzard does keep a record of all connection issues regarding servers, so I’m sure they will attend to it if necessary.

So what if I lost over 300 SR in 2 days because of the server bug? Still nothing?
I explained problem here: Server issue - getting penalty after game can't join me to the match

They don’t adjust SR for any reason at all, even if it’s their own server’s fault.

More info is pinned here:

What do you mean ‘don’t adjust’? I lost my SR and got timer penalties many times due to game fault.
So, take a look at these screenshoots, I knew it will happen again so I took these as proof. imgur . com/a/cQMXGhE

Blizzard’s staff will not replace any lost SR due to a fault of your own or of their server. Please, just read the link I provided which explains everything. Providing proof of the server having an issue will not change their policy.

Dude I read it and I know that if it’s MY FAULT I lose SR. But I didn’t leave the game and my connection is stable. I can’t even get into it. It happened and next game my ping was lower which I never had before. It MUST be a new server which I got connected to (some of MidEast server). I just want to play the game and not worry about getting bugs and losing SR. Is it so hard to understand?
I know Blizzard staff won’t give me back my SR and I didn’t ask for it, but can they at least FIX THE SERVER?

Can I reach the real human support on this forum or you just got some good AI which keeps providing me with links?

You asked for clarification on what “won’t adjust” meant, so we were still discussing SR. That being said, there are no current issues posted about any of the servers, so it may be an issue between your ISP and the servers causing the disconnect. There is no way for Blizzard to track or repair networks they do not own or control, so it’s something you’d need to work on with your ISP.

This is not the appropriate way to address someone helping you on the forum. I am a volunteer here. If you’d like to speak directly to the staff, please use the ticket system. Good luck in however you decide to proceed.

It’s totally not my fault. If it would be my problem, I’d get disconnect but why should I struggle over joining a game? Like let’s say I’m gonna play 3 hours and then get this problem out of nothing, why should it be my ISP? My connection works perfectly well in every other program and when smth is wrong with it, I see it and it’s absolutely fine when I lose SR due to my internet problem. But since yesterday I play only on ME server (which is arab server, I live in Iran, 80 ms now), before I was playing on EU server with 110 ping. I wouldn’t be wasting my time over non-existing problem, right?

I want to have option to choose server to play on (it gets auto-chosen by the game). I’m sure I wouldn’t have any problem with EU server.
Maybe it is problem between me and server but definetely not my fault.

This thread isn’t headed in a very productive direction. You mentioned in another thread that you can still see the match chat. This means the server is not disconnected and the match still exists, but you have personally disconnected. Again, I’d like to encourage you to use the ticket system to get assistance with any technical issues you’re experiencing.

I can’t assist you with any feedback on server selection. You can, however, post that feedback in #general-discussion if it’s a change you want to inspire the developers to make to the game.