Server issue - getting penalty after game can't join me to the match

Today I was playing the game and when I found match (solo competitive) it didn’t open the game for me, then it was saying ‘rejoin match’ (I couldn’t rejoin, button wasn’t even working). Then it showed me message ‘Failed to connect to server’.
It might be some new server issue. I live in Iran and after DCs my ping is going to 70 instead of 100. I’m definetely playing on one of Middle East servers.

After I got suspension and -50 SR. It happened 3 times randomly. Now I have to win over 7 games to get back all SR I lost.

Why should some bug like this exist in such a big and developed game? Honestly, this company can’t fix bugs at all. We have voice chat bug, random DC bug, sound bugs (like Moira one, which makes me always check my right). Now even this. Did I leave the game? NO. Should I lose -100 SR for attempt to play a game? I guess YES, like we (players) aren’t having enough problems. Your game makes people rage, cry, hate and stress more than heckin’ coronavirus. Fix your s**t.