"The server closed due to an unexpected error"

I suspect this is a known issue because it’s happening in almost every lobby whenever I join a game, or sometimes I win a round and then it happens at the start of the second round. Has been happening yesterday and today.

I get a red connection error logo on the left hand side, I’ll also know it’s about to happen because during hero select before the round the number will countdown to 0 and then stay there for a few seconds before getting the “The server closed due to an unexpected error” in the chat and being kicked from the game.

When I check these games in my history it usually counts them as a draw or just has no status. I had one yesterday where we essentially won the game, the enemy team was all leaving the match near the end of round 2 due to them having a leaver earlier and just as the last person or two on the enemy team was leaving we had this server crash error and it counted as a draw… which is ridiculous.

For some reason I haven’t seen any posts about this, but it’s happening CONSTANTLY in my lobbies. Even brought my friend on for some duo-queues last night and we were getting this almost every match we queued into. This has been all in competitive role and open queue both.


I had this happen once to me today as well. Right after round one ended and we went back in our spawn for round 2, the game removed me from the match and put me into the menus, with no messages as to why. I tried clicking on Rejoin Match, but it did nothing for 5 seconds, then finally worked. Only then did it give me the Server closed due to an unexpected error message.


I’m getting these almost nonstop now. I finally had one match load properly then go through to completion today but it’s pretty annoying. I assume it’s affect every player in my lobby because I’ve had people rage about it in match chat.

What I don’t get is why they aren’t giving priority requeue for it.

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This had happened to me after the recent update. In addition to this, big desync where player shot me behind a wall half way into the building and Ping flux from 28 to 800. My background app didn’t lag behind so I’m guessing the problem is server sided.

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Yeah this has happened to me as well I get a few games and then I finally get a good game going with a good team and poof server closes.

TBH between the way they priced the skins and their terrible servers and delay after delay for patches it really seems like this is just a money grab. I’ve been waiting to but a bunch of coins until Blizz shows they’re serious about this game, these problems don’t do it.

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Blizzard Team,

I wanted to chime in with others and say that I’m getting the same exact issue. It’s happened 3 times I can remember in Open Queue Competitive. I’m hoping if I include more info, we can get to the bottom of this.

The last time it happened to me was somewhere between 12:30AM EST, and 1:00AM EST on 11/20/22.

Game Code: 89AR8Q

I played one round, then was switching sides — picking heroes again. A couple seconds after picking and before the match was about to start , I got the message “the server closed due to an unexpected error”.

There’s also a post about this with others having the same issue on /r/Overwatch.

It’s an odd coincidence that each time I get this error, it ALWAYS seems like it happens when “I’ve got a good game goin” not when I’m getting wiped, lol. So I hope you can understand mine, as well as others frustrations come from.

I’ve been enjoying the game, pretty hooked to be honest. Im happy I don’t get a competitive time out when this happens. In the spirit of communication with players, I hope Blizzard may be able to expand upon why this error seems to be creeping up. Server load shedding? Issue with the recent patch? Bug with starts of a match? I have seen replies where people say “Drop Hacking”, is this even possible, or could be a cause?

Thank You Blizzard

Playing on KR servers it’s been happening for at least 3 days from the people I’ve spoken to in-game. 2 days for me personally.

Buongiorno, ho lo stesso problema…l’ho avuto anche dopo la riapertura del gioco… mi ha buttato fuori da competitive e sono passato come un cattivo giocatore…ho aperto vari ticket e la risposta e sempre stata che dovevo controllare la connessione e che loro non non potevano fare nulla riguardo le penali. Allora poi ho provato ad aprire le porte del router e tramite un post nel forum di dicevano di provare a scollegare l’account e ri collegarlo, così l’ho fatto e dopo un mese sembra che il problema fosse stato risolto. Adesso dopo l’aggiornamento lo sta ri fancendo…infatti me ne sono accorto anche perché nella squadra avversaria o nella mia la gente usciva all’inizio della partita senza apparente motivo.
Questi problemi non gli ho mai avuti su OW1.
Gioco da console X bob series X

Hello, I have the same problem … I had it after reopening the game. it kicked me out of competitive and i passed like a bad player…i opened various tickets and the answer was always that i had to check the connection and that they can’t do anything about the penalties. So then I tried to open the ports of the router and through a post in the forum they said to try to disconnect the account and reconnect it, so I did it and after a month it seems that the problem had been solved. Now after the update he’s doing it again… in fact I noticed it also because in the opposing team or in mine people went out at the beginning of the game for no apparent reason I’ve never had these problems on OW1. X bob series X console game I

Happend to me for the first game today when we were dominating on CPT and three times yesterday when we were essentially winning. How can that be? Crazy coincidence or actually an exploit of some sort?

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I have same problem for past 2 days (never happens to me before),funny enought,it’s happening mostly in winning games,“lost” 3 good matches and 1 bad.

Today was peak comedy:3:3 on Midtown and we have 3:50 to capture 1 point,and i saying to my teammate:“I lost 3 games cos’ this stupid server error,it would be hilarious if it’s happens now” ,and guess what,at same time i saw red lightning sign at corner of the screen.

Game code:E14S22


9 games in a row just now…


It gets worse guys and Blizzard isnt doing anything


Well, 2 games out of 6, and both of those were games where we were seconds away from winning. Feels great!


Encountered this error one or two times during the last week, but today it happened three times, which of 2 were consecutive.

How can you queue-up to a ranked match not knowing if the game is going to let it finish properly, be it a win or loss. Nothing feels worse than being about to win a game and the server closing out of nowhere, MULTIPLE times.

There is gotta be some kind of exploit to trigger this, it is happening too consistently. I cannot trust this game until this issue is fixed.

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I don’t think this is an exploit. It’s just trash servers by a trash dev team that wants to do nothing but a cash grab. I just had it happen on an evenly balanced game where we were trading the robot back and forth and hadn’t pushed it far enough to open the forward spawn on either side.

This and D3 are the only 2 Blizz games I have installed anymore. This is about to get uninstalled if they don’t fix this crap soon.

I’m just glad I’m a support. I feel bad for people that are DPS or tank and sit in a queue for 5 - 10 mins just to have their game close like that.


Yeah it has definitely saved me from losing games but it’s blocked more of my wins so far. I de-ranked DPS because of this. It’s probably unlikely that it’s an exploit with how insanely often it’s happening though, I’m sure at least ONE person would’ve made a post exposing it if they had access to that. There’s just something bizarre going on with the servers.

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Same here. Brazilian servers having DCs every other match.

There are no leaver penalties, so that’s good. But still, it is incredible annoying.


This happend to me to 6 times


Worse than around launch now. And I had to deal with the Bronze placement/stuck bug, meaning climbing is becoming extremely tedious with the 7 win per placement model.
My patience is wearing thin with this game, and I’ve been playing since OW1 release.