Server Closed Unexpected Error

Any reason why this has been happening the last few days? Middle of the game just closing the lobby?


IDK this is super annoying I’ve had it today and yesterday. It’s happening like almost every single game now. It always happens during hero select whether at the start of the game or maybe you finish a round and then it happens during hero select for the next round, effectively cancelling your match or counting it as a draw.

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Blizzard is small Indie company.


possibly triggered by a massive exodus

I’ve had it mid round just close the server when the enemy team was losing it seems and then it closes and calls it a draw.

I think I have too but that was more of a launch issue I think when they were being DDOS’d, maybe they still are. I’m just noticing the main issue is always happening during hero select in either of the rounds.

Last one just happened at 1 countdown to start of game.

what? wow. what platform?

This has happened on a PC.

ok. has it ever happened to you else where? on console?

I only play PC and it’s just really started this week potentially post patch.

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hmmmmm. i’m on console. it happens on console to occasionally, but nowhere near as frequently as you’ve described.

Yep, ~30% of my games are getting crashed halfway through. Blizzard please fix. Hope this isn’t messing with the comp rating system.

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This issue is also crossposted on Technical Support Here

On PS5 here. Has happened 3 times in about 20 games today. Fortunately, when we were losing. :grin:

Happened 5 time today when we were about to win the game. Did I go my win ? No. What a joke ! “Closed to unexpected error” FIX YOUR TRASH GAME BLIZZARD !!!


i lowkey tought it was because of my internet or something seriously what is wrong with this company man

It happens at any time. I’ve never had it at hero select in any round. It’s always while I’m out in the map I’ve even had it in the middle of fights

Had my last two matches end because of Server Issues…so came to forums to see what’s up. So I guess they know and will fix asap