"The server closed due to an unexpected error"

No reply still, Blizzard really doesn’t care about their appearance to the public or their players anymore I guess, not like it could get worse, right?


3rd time it’s happening to me now and It’s counting towards our comp record. I just completed my 7 games and it said ‘Games Left: X X’ aka, I’ve left my games twice. Nope, comp match shut down on its own. Blizzard can we at least get a response? There’s literally no way you guys don’t know this is happening, so enlighten your community on what the hell is going on.

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Same problem, very frustrating winning a round then getting no win because blizzard’s servers don’t work properly… let it happen on an L idc but it always happens round 2 after a W for me.

** note 3 games in a row this happened. 3 wins down then get joined with some dogwater group that can’t do more than 500 dmg in 8 mins

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Just look on the bright side. If you’re losing, it wont go against record. But it’s not nice when you’re winning.

Same problem here.
I’m connecting to Japan server and I got this error in comp game twice.
I see a lot of posts regarding this in twitter from Japanese users. I also see Japanese Overwatch streamers complained about this.

lose 5 games in a row
finally about to win
server closes

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