🔨 The Reinhardt Talk

Those two contexts are utterly different. During Goats, Zen, Lucio, and Zarya were about your only shieldbreak damage, so of course the team could afford to lumber into position at 2.75 meters per second. Now? Not so much.

It’s easier to bait out a Fortify and a Sigma shield than it is to bait out shatter, by far. If Sigma shield or Fortify were as readily available as Reins shield(with no CD and just the resource) then you would have a point. It’s funny that people suggest this very thing often for Orisa and Sigma.

The meta revolves around Rein spearheadeing a push while getting the best tank heals, speedboost and the best damage mitigation on CD, Zarya’s bubble. If pure damage stopped that, we wouldn’t see Rein’s dominance. And he is dominant. Now, if BOOPS actually pushed him back far enough out of melee range, then this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. But we can barely move him around thanks to steadfast. As a Rein player myself, I’m suggesting removing that passive is better than eating nerfs somewhere else and lets people have a chance of escaping his melee range.

There is another way. Tanks aren’t unpopular, just barrier tanks. Have two seperate queues, one for barrier tank, and one for ‘bruiser’ tank, and DPS would start queuing for ‘brusier’ tank, without fear of being forced to be barrier tank.

Barrier tanking would still have low numbers, but the new situation would be better than it is now.

And so begins the “Role of the Month” rotation. God forbid we aim for stability rather than just attracting players into roles through blatantly excessive strength in the hope they stay in greater portion than other roles leave when they’re stomped over.

hold up, the meta where?
Ladder? OWL? these are not the same and it’s probably changed again by now.

again, where? Im not even trolling, what rank are you seeing him being dominant in every game?

or just dont touch him as he’s in a good spot?
steadfast does not feel like the root of his entire evil when it’s something some reinhardt players have wanted. It makes the job of tanking less arduous and allows you to stand your grand better

That’d work.
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2
✅ 1x BarrierTank Role Queue design

But I kinda think it’s more likely devs will go with straight balance changes.
✅ Fixing BarrierTanks and OffTanks

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Rein lowkey needs buffs. He is not strong enough if you cannot convince your off tanks to go Rein for the free w.

I think the idea that we need each role to have equal impact is a fossil from pre-RoleQueue.

And we’re better off aiming more more equal Fun per role. Even if that means some roles have more impact.

Stronger does not equal more fun.

You’ve seen how OP I believe Reinhardt is. I don’t want to play him due to that. In fact, I loathe the hero because of it and I refuse to play him because he feels cheap and honestly kind of cheaty as powerful as he is.

Precisely, we are forced to have 2 of each. They could easily keep dps low impact and chu chu the tanks to the top. It don’t matter no more.

True. Stronger but only able to access that strength if your teammates support you and position with you, isn’t that fun.

Stronger in a way that doesn’t require coordination, usually means fun.

Every character was available for selection during GOATs, people picked those characters because they couldn’t surpass the sustain in which was largely contributed to by Reinhardt’s massive shield.

I agree with his nerf to shield value he could have used a minor speed increase, but the one they gave him is absurd. In addition, he received steadfast as an answer to cc, a problem that plagues every tank and not just Reinhardt. It’s too much.

And I happen to think you’re dead wrong.

Being better than the opposing team’s Waste of Space #1 and #2 does not feel good, even if your slot is guaranteed simply because they cannot replace you with a hero from another Role — any of whom would likely be more impactful.

Sure, that role decision is a null concern when your forced to play an inferior role regardless, but the player experience is undoubtedly affected.

Do not overpower a role just to artificially inflate its participant count. All excessive power has a cost elsewhere.

every tank is also not reinhardt. it won’t apply the same evenly when not every tank does the same job

I don’t really think so.

Every time we’ve had a totally OP hero I play them for a bit and it’s fun at first, but then I honestly get kind of disgusted at them, and I don’t like them at all. It feels cheap and wins feel unearned. I don’t want OW to elevate tanks and make them Just Better than DPS, that’s stupid, and it would make me want to tank less, not more.

I think barrier tanks have a lot less capability to “Flex” than other roles.

For instance,
Healers, if you are getting dived to much as Ana? Go Moira or Mercy. Not enough damage, go Zen. Pharah isn’t dying, go Ana or Baptiste.

Most people wait 10 minutes to play their garbage dps without a second thought, why does the experience all of a sudden matter just because they have to face slightly better tanks that were already broken to begin with? That makes no sense.

Probably because the concern is DoubleOffTank vs the equivalent Rein/Zarya.

Which is kinda solved in that recent thread I had. Since DoubleOffTank has a strong HP advantage.

✅ Fixing BarrierTanks and OffTanks

Of course ladder, that’s what the playerbase at large will experience. I don’t keep up with OWL.

To each their own, but playing multiple other shield tanks against Rein I’ve realized two things. We are very easy to shatter because of our downtimes with shields and damage mitigation, and if one lucio boop(or any boop) could actually push him off out of melee range, we would stand a chance midfight.

I’ve proposed solutions that didn’t touch Rein, like reworking the shield to cooldown ratios of Orisa(so she can place more shields, albeit weaker) and reworking her fortify to function more like D.va’s matrix resource, and reducing Sigma’s shield cooldown–all so we dont have to touch Rein but still give others a real chance to block a shatter. If they wont do that than we need a midfight solution since we can’t beat Rein at the ult game, which is where removing Steadfast comes into play.